New Family-Friendly Card Games, Full of FUN!

New Family-Friendly Card Games, Full of FUN!

We’re so excited to announce ten new card games for the whole family! Whether you’re looking for ways to add a twist to game night, need activities to keep your kiddos busy while you work from home, or want fun brain breaks from distance learning, our card games are a perfect fit.

Backed by learning and packed with FUN, our newest family-friendly card games are giving a brainy boost to game nights, screen breaks, and after-school time. Need quick entertainment that you can feel good about? We have you covered with an awesome selection of new card games for your family.

Fun is the first ingredient in all of our card games, making them favorites for kids. Playing them doesn’t feel like homework, but they’re still an awesome source of brain gains (so they are favorites for parents, too). Read on to learn features of each new game and get ready to shop FUN for everyone

1. Gemz!

It’s hard not to gather around a game of Gemz! Be the first player to build a solid-colored jewel to win this new card game for families.

Gemz! best new card game for families

Why we love it: Classic game play is easy to get started playing…and hard to stop! It seems simple at first, but strategy builds with each round, making everyone in the family ready for a rematch.

Who should play it: Gemz rules adapt to a variety of ages and abilities so adults and kids as young as 4 can all play together and it still feels competitive!

What’s unique: Play is confined to six fit-together cards for each player. Everyone has to make lots of choices about what cards to keep and which to switch… Game-changing SWAP! cards make it so no one coasts to an easy win.

Buy Gemz! Three Corner™ Card Game here

Gemz! triangle card game for families home during the pandemic

2. Lava Lizards

One box, five games, tons of FUN ! This family-friendly card game includes lots of challenges like building a volcano dome, collecting pairs, or linking the longest line of cards that make this a real winner.

Lava Lizards™ best new card game for families

Why we love it: Endless play options! Three ways to match keeps play fresh and interesting every session. Five games are included in one compact box so it’s easy to bring FUN along for family time, travel, camps, and more.

Who should play it: Modify the game play to fit players’ skills – great for ages 4 and up. Enjoy game ideas for every mood or group: Play solo, cooperatively, or compete against friends. Different games call for different matches which makes it a challenge for all ages to not miss a match!

What’s unique: You can’t get too comfy playing this game! The ticking Hot Lava Timer brings lots of uneasy anticipation and surprise. Match fast!

Buy Lava Lizards Three Corner™ Card Game here

Lava Lizards™ best new board game for families


This new family card game is sneaky FUN! Be the player with the most treasure after the “troll timer” goes off to win!

GNOMES vs TROLLS™ best new card game for families

Why we love it: Suspense builds with each card drawn: Will it be a Gnome, Treasure, or a TROLL? The “troll timer” creates urgency and makes every round play differently!

Who should play it: Endearing storybook artwork and clever game play are popular with everyone. GNOMES vs TROLLS is great for kids as young as 4 to begin learning strategy, yet it is still eventful for older siblings and parents to play along too.

What’s unique: All players find themselves anticipating every card drawn … The time you get to play is based on how quickly the tricky trolls are discovered in the deck. You’ll root for other players, root against the trolls, and feel competitive at the same time.

Buy GNOMES vs TROLLS Three Corner™ Card Game here

GNOMES vs TROLLS™ best new board game for families

4. enCOWnter

Resistance is futile … enCOWnter is a new card game sure to become a family favorite! Find earthly things and fill your UFO light beam first to win.

enCOWnter™ best new card game for families

Why we love it: It’s every alien for themselves! Choose to stick to your mission or take over someone else’s to pull off a surprising win. Unexpected Martian Mayhem changes the game when you least expect it, giving everyone the same chances at winning.

Who should play it: Earthly things with hilarious expressions are favorites of kids and adults. This family-friendly card game will easily entertain groups of kids, adults, or a mix of ages together.

What’s unique: The secret sabotage of taking over another player’s mission adds a new layer to every player’s strategy. Is someone’s progress on a UFO a deceptive decoy or a way to win?

Buy enCOWnter Three Corner™ Card Game here


enCOWnter™ best new board game for families



Tip your hat to history and ride the rails to victory! Race to be first to build a railway path with an engine, terminal, and 8 colorful tracks.

ON TRACK™ best new railroad train card game for families

Why we love it: Fit-together cards build a different landscape every game so it never plays the exact same way twice! Delightful details on the cards and featured, historic trains give opportunities for discussion and enhance the unique game play.

Who should play it: From grade-schoolers to grandparents, this new family card game will make everyone want to join this railway race! Kids ages 8 and up will love the detailed cards inspired by historic trains and terminals, and so will adults!

What’s unique: Three-sided cards connect just right! It’s super satisfying to watch railroads come together. The Supply Yard drawing deck keeps everyone guessing where to search for their finishing cards and the Conductor Card makes sure no one has the game in hand.

Buy ON TRACK Three Corner™ Card Game here

ON TRACK™ best new board game for families


This game full of Bigfoot and BIG fun will test your memory and your appetite for mystery! Out-hike opponents to find the best proof of Bigfoot to win.

sqWATCH OUT!™ best new bigfoot card game for families

Why we love it: Big risks? Big rewards? This game tests the best to keep high-scoring cards a BIG secret while pressing their luck for a better score.  With six rounds of play, it’s always anyone’s game.

Who should play it: Bigfoot is BIG fun for all players ages 8 to adult! Luck and misfortune bring a lively amount of action for everyone. It’s a challenge for adventure-lovers and play-it-safers to push far enough to catch a peek and earn proof!

What’s unique: The mystery continues: You have to wait until Bigfoot completely disappears and the very last card is flipped to find out who leads and who loses!

Buy sqWATCH OUT! Three Corner™ Card Game here

sqWATCH OUT!™ best new board game for families

7. Jungle Pals

This is two games in one for tons of FUN! Both Animal Match and Monkey in the Middle games test and strengthen matching skills for the whole family.

Why we love it: Two-sided cards make this game twice as nice! Both sides are designed for totally different play, making it easy to bring double the fun in one compact, travel-ready package. 

Who should play it: This is a family-friendly matching card game. Word-free cards are ideal for nonreaders and kids as young as 4, yet the competition and matching challenges keep all ages (including adults) entertained.

What’s unique: The action is in the matching! This game skips the traditional action cards (like lose a turn or reverse) so there are lots of opportunities for open-ended play and putting your own spin on it.

Buy Jungle Pals Three Corner™ Card Game here

8. COUNTERpillar

Play a game or practice math? Why not both?! Arrange cards in a caterpillar shape in front of you. Compare your cards to the challenge. First one to finish wins!

Why we love it: Cuuuute caterpillars are so fun to build! Arranging colorful cards to meet each challenge is the perfect blend of an interactive game and math practice. There are five different games to choose from, plus the word-free cards are great for creative play.

Who should play it: Young and old can play this family-friendly card game together! Counting dots and show-your-hand play style are great for young kids, but all ages will be tested to get the right card combinations. It’s great for someone new to numbers or a math whiz.

What’s unique: Count on this card deck for math help that doesn’t feel like homework. This numbers card game also includes equation cards for basic arithmetic and math manipulative practice. It’s an excellent choice for keeping learners at home or school interested. Confidence builds with every caterpillar!

Buy COUNTERpillar Card Game here

9. Pizza Time

Build a pie to order before other players to win! Draw and swap cards each turn to build a pizza that matches the menu. Watch out for cards with totally gross toppings!

Why we love it: More pizza, please! The challenge of creating a perfect pie while avoiding totally gross toppings is a slice of fun for everyone. The action cards are real game-changers and give all ages a chance to win.

Who should play it: Everyone loves pizza! This game is intriguing enough to coax the most independent player into family fun. Minimal reading and visual instructions mean kids can play solo. Count on action cards to ramp up the competition and keep everyone in the game.

What’s unique: The “show your hand” game style adds to the strategy and brings a layer to the competition. It’s also an awesome way for adults or older players to help the youngest of the bunch follow along without altering game play.

Buy Pizza Time Three Corner™ Card Game here


Fish the lake to find the catch of a lifetime – Big Eddie! Play this new card game with the whole family, and learn a fun twist on the classic!

Why we love it: Every turn is a new chance and every game plays totally differently. Finding the legend, Big Eddie, doesn’t mean the game is over – the competition is just beginning! Start-to-finish suspense and strategy make this a keeper.

Who should play it: Kids as young as 6 to tweens, teens, and adults love the mystery of every turn, and the action cards keep landslide winning at bay. Everyone can choose their strategy to play their way.

What’s unique: Hexagon-shaped cards fit together differently each game, giving Big Eddie new places to hide every time. The setup fits many spaces and tabletops and the game plays differently every round.

Buy Gone Fish’n Card Game here

Gemz!™ fun family card game for all ages! Get ready for gem-collecting, bling-building FUN! Draw, swap, and switch out cards to watch your gem take shape. Match all six sides to win!
Lava Lizards™ triangle card game for kids! Get ready for a game full of explosive finishes! Lava lizards spend their days lounging on hot lava rocks, unknowingly surrounded by active volcanoes that may explode any second...
GNOMES vs TROLLS™ fun card game for kids made in USA! Outwit tricky trolls to gather troves of treasure. You’ll have to be nifty enough to find gnomes to guard it … before the trolls take over!
enCOWnter™ cow abduction card game for kids! Greetings, fellow aliens. It’s time for some chance enCOWnters. Leave your opponents in the cosmic dust by quickly capturing earthly things to complete a mission first.
ON TRACK™ railroad train family game! Tip your hat to history and ride the rails to victory with On Track. It’ll take concentration, a competitive spirit, and a bit of luck to triumph in this family-favorite game.
sqWATCH OUT! bigfoot card game for kids! The snap of a twig? A howl in the distance? sqWATCH OUT! When you hear it, you know! Test your memory and your appetite for mystery with this family-friendly card game that's all about Bigfoot and BIG fun!
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