7 FUN and Creative Ways to Set Up a Classroom That Kids Will Love

7 FUN and Creative Ways to Set Up a Classroom That Kids Will Love

How you set up your classroom plays a big role in setting the tone for your students and school year. Kids want to be surrounded by FUN colors, patterns, characters, and other themes that encourage and excite them to learn. Because classroom decorations make a big difference in how students learn and interact, we’ve put together some ideas, tips, and creative ways to set up your classroom.

What Are the Qualities of a Creative Classroom?

Creative classrooms inspire kids to learn and interact within their environment. Students are engaged when surrounded by colors and FUN patterns they relate to; it helps them feel comfortable in their space and gets them ready to learn! Younger students love interactive designs, such as decorations with features for matching and labeling, dry erase pieces for classroom participation, or seeing characters that they feel represent themselves. We believe there are many creative ways to set up your classroom. See what characters or themes excite your students, and bring lessons to life with classroom decorations!

How Do You Create a Creative Classroom?

Reflect what students are learning

One creative way to set up a classroom is to choose classroom decor that reflects what your students are learning. Especially when focusing on multiple subjects, displaying visual reminders for your students through classroom decorations is a great way to make sure these topics stick with them. These decorations could be alphabet lines and charts for younger students, or historical figures and maps for older students.

Visualize goals

Enabling your students to visualize their goals through decorations is an exciting and creative way to set up a classroom. Incentive charts give students a way to track their own progress and be proud to see what they’ve accomplished. Motivational posters and banners encourage students to keep going, while also reminding them that learning is FUN!

Keep it colorful

Encourage an enthusiasm for education with color! When thinking of creative ways to set up your classroom, remember the role color can play. Not only do students find a colorful classroom more exciting than empty beige walls, color coordinating your environment can be a quick-fix for organization and classroom management. Combine FUN colors with student work using borders and trimmers, punch-out letters, learning setsbulletin board sets, charts, posters, and more.

Customization is key

There are creative ways to set up a classroom that are unique to each individual student and environment. Customize name tags for daily helpers and desk plates for each child’s space; this creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for each kid in an exciting way. You can also make FUN labels for learning supplies and storage areas so students feel at ease when looking for supplies, returning resources, or turning in assignments.

Switch it up

Even the most creative ways to set up a classroom can start out fun and fade if they’re left unchanged for too long. Decorate your classroom to reinforce topics you’re learning. For example, if you’re studying math, a FUN way to enhance the curriculum is with posters about the topic. Seeing these daily makes the concepts more memorable.

When the unit is complete, change your decor for the next segment to keep things fresh. Switch decorations up for topics like holidays, seasons, learning objectives, characters, and more. There’s no hard-and-fast rule on how often to change classroom decorations, so let student interaction and attentiveness guide you, too.

Encourage accomplishments

Students, especially younger ones, love being rewarded for their learning accomplishments. A creative way to do so is to keep your classroom stocked with stickers and certificates. Giving out these creative tokens of achievement encourages your students to continue to be learning rock stars. Make a decorative display to feature a certificate personalized for a single student’s accomplishment, or congratulate the whole class on a job well done with a group award.

Enlist decorating help

An extra-creative way to set up a classroom is enlisting the help of your students. Highlight their artwork and achievements on the wall, while incorporating other classroom decorations. This encourages students to feel accomplished and proud of their work and helps everyone feel connected and invested in their classroom community.

You can also boost learning enthusiasm by asking for volunteers to help set up some classroom decorations to support a learning theme or topic! Encourage students to brainstorm different ways to best show the topic for their peers and to get creative with their decorating for a truly unique and creative way to set up a classroom.

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