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Lava Lizards Three Corner Card Game

The EXPLOSIVE Lava Lizards Matching Game

This family-favorite, award-winning card game is full of explosive finishes! Lava lizards spend their days lounging on hot lava rocks, unknowingly surrounded by active volcanoes that may explode any second...

Ages 4 to Adult • 1–4 Players • 15 Minutes

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Lava Lizards™ Three Corner Card GameLava Lizards™ game box. Great game to play at home with the kids. Easy to learn, quick to play. Made in USALava lizard
Lava lizard
Lava lizard
Lava lizard
Lava lizard

How to Play

Use lizard luck to outmatch opponents and outrun the blast… fast! Be careful not to get caught lounging. Uncover all six timer cards and you’re in HOT lava! Action Cards add extra challenge when they BLAST, BOOM, and cover progress in Smoke & Ash. Luck-of-the-draw gives players of many ages, skill levels, and abilities chances to win this exciting lizard-themed card game.

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Our Lava Lizards card game is simple, yet clever 


Fun for kids and adults to play together


Packs easily into compact, grab-and-go box

Product image showing contents of boxed game Lava Lizards™ triangle shaped card game for kids and adults.
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The ULTIMATE Lava Lizards Card Game

  • Five lizard-filled card games with three ways to match – every round is fresh and fun
  • Colorful instructions are easy to understand to get playing quickly
  • Unique Hot Lava Timer Cards bring BIG suspense & challenge to the game
  • Solo & co-op play: Race the timer, challenge friends, and work together
  • Switch up the action cards to fit your desired difficulty level
  • Exhilarating, luck-of-the-draw: Find the winning card, or set off the timer
  • Enjoy grab-and-go convenience with 5 Lava Lizards card games in one box!
  • Play versions to fill a tabletop or fit a small area
  • Learning FUN is built right in! Boost color & shape recognition & concentration skills
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Lava Lizards Card Game Details

  • Ages 4 and up
  • 1 to 4 players
  • Game play 15 minutes
  • Full-color, easy-to-read instructions
  • 63 triangle-shaped cards, 4-inches wide
  • Compact storage box (4 3/8-inches W x 4-inches H x 1 5/8-inches D)
  • Made in USA
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Product image of triangle-shaped cards in the Lava Lizards™ card game for kids and adults

Coordinating Stickers!


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Shiny Lizards Sparkle Stickers® – Large

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