14 Screen-Free Games Kids Love

14 Screen-Free Games Kids Love

Add joy and laughter to learning important skills with Bingo, matching games, three-sided card games, two-piece puzzles, and more! Practice rhyming, alphabet, opposites, numbers, and shapes with hands-on, engaging play for kids. These screen-free games are full of FUN. challenges, exciting twists, and strategic thinking.

1. Gone Fish'n Card Game

Back in 30, we’ve GONE FISH’n! Flip cards to find fish and reel in a win! Go for what’s biting, explore the island for hidden treasure or challenge fellow anglers to fish-offs. Will you discover something trophy-worthy or get tangled in the weeds? This compact screen-free learning game is great for bringing FUN. on the go. It’s perfect for time with family and friends at home or the cabin and birthday parties, camps, and gatherings. 


2. Lava Lizards Three Corner Card Game

Lava Lizards Three Corner Card Game is a blast for all ages! Five games in one for tons of FUN!: Build a lava dome, find pairs, and link cards with lizard precision. Triangle cards match lava colors, lizard colors, and lizard shapes for endless rounds of fun.

Build observation skills with this screen-free learning game by finding matches by color and shape. Make decisions based on probability to avoid Hot Lava Cards. Practice counting by tallying up matches. The five different challenges encourage listening and following directions. Reinforce social skills, practice taking turns, increase social awareness, and learn to be a good sport ... all through play!

3. On Track Three Corner Card Game

ALL ABOARD – It's a railroad race! Use strategy and planning to stay on track. Make connections to build a railroad from the engine to the terminal to WIN! Each player builds across a geographic region of plains, deserts, coastlines, and mountains.

Developed with insight from railroad experts, On Track commemorates historic terminals, engines, and geographic regions they crossed. Well-known locomotives Big Boy, Challenger, Daylight, Royal Hudson, and the terminals they served are recreated in colorful detail. Engineering and math challenges have players thinking twice to stay on track and correctly connect single and double tracks to win.

4. Gnomes vs Trolls

Flip a card to find your fate: a gnome, treasure, or a troll! Nine thieving trolls surprise unsuspecting gnomes, take their treasure, and end their gathering games. It's up to players to surround their treasure cards with gnomes to protect them. Everyone competes against the trolls and each other in this card game for all ages. Word-free cards keep play simple for young children and nonreaders.

This screen-free learning family card game encourages imaginative thinking and storytelling, and kids will build upon their counting skills and introduce strategic thinking. This on-the-go tabletop screen-free game is perfect for day trips, sleepovers, aftercare, and grandparents’ house.   

5. Pizza Time Card Game

If you crave competition and your favorite food group is pizza, you’ll love Pizza Time Card Game! Collect slices to match the menu and make the most pies to win. Cook up a plan to finish your pizzas faster than other players for rounds of excitement until the very last slice. Bring a pizza party anywhere with this screen-free card game that delivers family fun for many ages, skills, and abilities.

Build skills with Pizza Time. Boost strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, practice following directions and build an understanding of probability and chance. Count, add, and introduce fractions too. 

6. Gemz! Three Corner Card Game

Get ready for gem-collecting, bling-building fun! This award-winning screen-free game is full of action as you draw, swap, and switch out cards to watch your gem take shape. Uncover all of one color to build a jewel of gemz. Watch out for action cards that speed up or slow down progress. Will you win or lose with your next move? Be first to gather six Gemz Cards of the same color to win!

There is educational value built right in! Practice color sorting and matching for ages four and up, and learn about probability and chance, problem-solving, and planning.

7. enCOWnter Three Corner Card Game 

Unique, family-friended three-sided game cards fit together to fill light beams full of unsuspecting earthly things. Avoid Martian Mayhem and carefully choose which cards to keep and which to send into orbit. There are plenty of hilarious, unsuspecting earthly things and alien absurdities to excite all ages.

enCOWnter builds skills related to categorization, sorting, and memory, plus encourages strategic thinking, making decisions, and understanding probability and chance. Play this screen-free game during travel, in waiting rooms, at sleepovers, at grandparents' houses and at camps.

8. Jungle Pals Card Game

Jungle Pals Card Game is wildly FUN! The double-sided card deck features two screen-free games for twice the challenges. Play with jumbo animal faces on one side and pick up the pace with triple faces.

Kids and adults go wild for Monkey in the Middle – it’s a luck-of-the-draw race! You’ll need to find a monkey card and surround it with three of any one animal pal before anyone else. It’ll take lots of luck and a little speed to guess which swaps to make and what discards to take. Choose wisely … if you monkey around too long, you might miss your chance!


9. Counterpillar™ Card Game

Count ’em up in this screen-free game that adds to FUN! Total up number challenges faster than other players to worm your way to a win! Play five different games for lots of excitement at parties, fill afterschool time, distance learning breaks, and bring FUN! to daycare, classrooms, car rides, math centers … anywhere! Counterpillar™ Card Game helps kids improve their decision-making skills and allows them to practice counting and number recognition, addition, and the order of numbers.


10. sqWATCH Out! Three Corner Card Game

The snap of a twig? A howl in the distance? sqWATCH OUT! Bigfoot has left his footprint on the world but has yet to be captured...it's up to you to trek deep into the woods searching for proof. Will you take risks or play it safe to out-hike your opponents with this screen-free card game

Test your memory and appetite for a mystery with this award-winning card game about Bigfoot and BIG FUN! for the whole family! The secret of Bigfoot needs mental math to be solved! Quickly compare number values and add cards to see how far you can trek.


11. Rhyming Fun-to-Know® Puzzles

It’s a match! Build early language and recognition skills with screen-free learning game puzzles teaching rhyming words. Preschool and kindergarten-aged children love to connect the two-sided pieces and show what they know! Rhyming Fun-to-Know® Puzzles are incredible for kids building vocabulary skills and learning rhyming word pairs through pictures and words.


12. ZAP!®

You never know what’s coming next with ZAP!® card game. Suspenseful ZAP! cards make this screen-free learning game exciting and FUN! way to practice addition skills with thrills.

Suspenseful and surprising gameplay adds up with this math-based learning game for kids. ZAP!® is a great way to build addition and subtraction skills without feeling like homework or study time. Draw cards and add points to strengthen mental math skills as you play. It’s a great way to encourage fair play and sportsmanship and builds valuable social skills round after round.

13. Colors & Shapes Match Me® Games

This screen-free learning game builds early math and language skills with game-like practice and play. Colors & Shapes Match Me® game for kids is a great way to learn new concepts and encourage repeat practice. Boost shape and color recognition and promote vocabulary practice for six colors and eight shapes. The game boards are double-sided, so you can quickly flip them to increase the challenge level. On the backs, learners match drawings of real-life items to each shape. 

Match shapes and colors in various ways to keep kids interested and engaged in learning new concepts. Match and master colors and shapes through a variety of exciting game ideas. Kids build a valuable understanding of colors and shapes every round!


14. BINGO!

Get the whole family excited to learn with educational Bingo games that feel like pure entertainment! Reinforce kids’ current curriculum, refresh skills before returning to school, and introduce new subjects with playful learning FUN! Bingo is worthwhile for partner play, game nights and birthday parties, and with 36 unique cards, a large group can all play simultaneously. 

There are many themes and topics to choose from, like Sight Words, Colors & Shapes, Alphabet, Multiplication, Numbers, and more! Bingo gives lots of opportunities for kids to answer questions and read words and numbers without it feeling like a test. 

Large, sturdy puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands, and the interesting photos keep kids engaged and excited to discover each match. Self-checking features give every learner the confidence to practice independently and build skills at their own pace.


We’re big fans of games that give kids valuable practice while making great memories, spending time together, and having fun! Shop your favorite learning games today. Find something you like? Leave a review to let others know what games and tools help keep learning FUN! in your classroom and home.

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