9 Festive Winter Holiday Display & Décor Ideas

9 Festive Winter Holiday Display & Décor Ideas

Hero image featuring holiday jumbo bows DIY idea, Sparkle trimmer tree DIY idea, and Learning is a Gift bulletin board display DIY idea.

9 Festive Winter Holiday Display & Décor Ideas

Celebrate the season and make your holidays bright with nine festive winter holiday display and décor ideas. Find inspiration to transform simple trimmers and accents into dazzling winter décor to dress up the walls, doors, and bulletin boards. Bring holiday cheer to classrooms, homes, and offices alike, and spark discussions about a variety of winter holidays and traditions.

Jumbo holiday bows DIY idea

1. Jumbo Holiday Bows DIY

Make your holidays jolly with these jumbo DIY paper bow ideas. Eye-catching bows are simple to make in a snap! Add panache to any present, dress up doorways and displays, bring attention to donation boxes and giveaways, and enhance seasonal decorations.

Make this DIYJumbo holiday bows DIY idea

2. Gift of Learning Holiday Display DIY

Learning is a gift! Celebrate it with this holiday display that’s perfect for decorating elementary classrooms, libraries, and community centers. Simply switch up the colors to match any holiday or decorating theme. It’s a great complement to your curriculum and will keep everyone excited to learn!

Make this DIY

Learning Is a Gift bulletin board display idea

3. Holiday Wreaths DIY

Greet guests with classic holiday decorations! Homemade paper wreaths are a great way to spruce up your space for the holidays and all winter long. This DIY wreath is easy to make totally unique to reflect each crafter’s personality and style.

Make this DIY

Classic holiday wreath made from paper trimmers and string hanging on a blue locker.

4. Happy Hanukkah Menorah DIY

Celebrate the festival of lights! Create this DIY paper menorah wall display for a perfect, eye-catching way to bring excitement to your Hanukkah celebrations. Customize the display size easily to fit your classroom, religious school, or home.

Make this DIY

Happy Hanukkah Menorah bulletin board display DIY idea.

5. Hanukkah Garland DIY

This stunning garland string is a great way to incorporate symbols of Judaism into your DIY Hanukkah décor and crafts. Enjoy family time this winter creating Hanukkah crafts with all ages. We’ve featured the Star of David and the dreidel, but this simple idea easily translates to any symbols you choose.

Make this DIY

Hanukah garland featuring the Star of David and the dreidel.

6. O' Trimmer Tree DIY

There are lots of reasons for the season, and this paper tree will make your space feel festive and bright! This sparkling paper pine tree is one of our favorite winter decorations to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. You can DIY it to almost any size to fit your classroom, home, or office. Make your own giving tree, gift exchange display, or use it to feature vocabulary words, employee names, and more!

Make this DIY

Sparkly green tree made from paper trimmers.

7. Tabletop Holiday Trees DIY

Everyone loves wintery decorations and these handmade trees are the perfect finishing touch! Have fun making DIY tabletop decorations to give any space homemade ho-ho-ho-liday style. This paper craft is exciting for all ages to make many different and creative combinations for decorating homes, offices, and classrooms.

Make this DIY

Tabletop holiday tree craft made from paper trimmers.

8. United in Friendship Bulletin Board DIY

Celebrate Kwanzaa and create a lovely display of friendship with this bulletin board decorating idea. This idea combines basic display essentials into a wonderful, united display about Kwanzaa. Rich and festive colors make this a favorite for celebrating cultural heritage.

Make this DIY

Happy Kwanzaa bulletin board display DIY idea.

9. Woven Kwanzaa Mkeka Mat DIY

This fun, hands-on paper placemat crafting activity is a great way for kids and adults to celebrate Kwanzaa together. Weaving mats out of paper is a mess-free craft that results in a decoration that looks put-together and interesting. Create mats to use while learning about and observing Kwanzaa. 

Make this DIY

Kwanzaa Mkeka Mat DIY craft idea made from paper trimmers.

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