Caught in a Good Book Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Create a festive, Halloween-themed bulletin board display to feature student reading. The eye-catching paper spider and web of books will have everyone excited to get caught in a good book!

  • A spooktacular spider and its web are a great way to highlight reading and celebrate the season.
  • Write a header on the display. We used “Get Caught in a Good Book!” but feel free to create your own unique heading.
  • Create your large spider using instructions from Big Paper Spider DIY here.
  • If you choose, cover the background of your display with paper. We used orange paper to give it a bright Halloween feel. Staple or tape trim to the outside edges of your display area. We layered two colors!
  • Create a spider web out of black yarn and staple or tape it to the display.
  • Research book recommendations for students or ask children what books they recommend.
  • Write the book titles and author names on book accents and tape them to the web around the display.
  • Need a new read? Invite children to use the display for ideas!
  • What a fun way to introduce kids to new books and encourage reading.
Bonus Ideas
  • Create this spider and web display for any of these great displays:

    • “Caught” being good display: Recognize positive student behavior
    • Story web: Read a book together and display plot events and discussion points
    • Word web: Showcase new vocabulary words and their meanings
    • Caught up in learning: Feature names of all your students for a seasonal welcome

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