Big Paper Spider DIY



Make seasonal displays and party décor at Halloween events super spooky and special. This big paper spider decoration is a quick Halloween craft for highlighting student artwork, bulletin displays, and message boards all fall long.


    This huge DIY spider decoration will get everyone’s attention!

    • Decide if you will make it in solid black or black sparkle (or a mix).
    • Create a circle of a trimmer strip by stapling or taping the ends together. Make this as large as you want – this is the final size of your spider’s head.
    • Depending on how you will hang your spider, you may want to also add an extra strip or two of trim across the circle (make an X in the middle) to attach to your wall or display.
    • Next, cut strips of trimmer long enough to reach across your trimmer circle, with excess in the middle. The strips should “bow” out in the center to give the spider’s face some volume.
    • Alternate the scalloped edges and stack together.
    • Punch a hole through each end of the trimmers. Loop a chenille stem through and tie on the inside of each end. Use the chenille stem like a fulcrum to fan the strips out to fill in a half-circle. Tape the strips as needed to hold in place.
    • Punch a hole on each side of the trimmer circle base and string the other two ends of the chenille stems through on each side. Twist or tie to attach the fanned-out strips to the trimmer circle base.  
    • Once you have the head in place on your display, add eight creepy, crawly legs. Use full trimmer strips or cut them to match your spider’s face size and available space. Bend the legs at a variety of angles and tape in place to give the spider lots of spooky appeal.

    This DIY Halloween decoration is the perfect finishing touch for all of your fall decorations, classroom displays, message boards, and more.

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