Ready to Grow Learning Set

Learning Set

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Foster a nurturing space with the 8 posters in the Ready to Grow Learning Set. Display one poster at a time or all at once to help learners increase self-awareness, express emotions, and grow compassion. Perfect for creating cozy areas and calm, quiet zones.

Encourage students to pick a poster to discuss, then talk about ways to put it into practice. These conversations help increase self-awareness and self-advocacy, supporting kids on a path to emotional well-being. Encouraging messages, calming colors, and natural images help make classrooms, homes, offices, libraries, conference rooms, cafeterias, and hallways inviting spaces ready to help kids grow.


  • BIG LEARNING ... ANYWHERE – Easily arrange the eight Ready to Grow posters in various configurations to match any space or learning goal. Display them individually or all at once to help learners increase self-awareness and self-advocacy. Invite students to picks a poster they want to know more about, then work together as a group to discuss ways to put it into practice.

  • MANY BRAINY BENEFITS – Use this poster set to reinforce concepts of feelings and emotions, practice social skills like compassion, connection, and cooperation, and help kids strengthen their mindset and resiliency.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING FUN – Posters are sturdy and sized right for handheld activities for class-wide, small-group, and individualized learning. Use these posters and the ideas in the tab below to get started having fun while learning.

  • EASY STORAGE – Use posters individually or as a set. It's easy to store extras back in the bag. It reseals to keep your set organized and ready anytime. The posters are just over 16 inches, so they won't need specialized storage.

  • SET INCLUDES – 8 posters, 10¾ inches x 16⅛ inches each.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Learning Sets are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

    • Nature-inspired designs
    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Package reseals for easy storage
    • 8 posters, 10¾ inches x 16⅛ inches each
    • Coordinates with Good to Grow Collection
    • Made in USA
Learning FUN Ideas

Enjoy these activity ideas for lots of FUN learning:

    1. 30-Day Kindness Challenge! As a group, brainstorm 30+ acts of kindness, write them on individual slips of paper, and place then in a jar. Each day, kids pull out an idea and incorporate that act of kindness throughout their day. Get creative! Ideas could include quick acts like sharing a kind word, smiling, and greeting others, as well as acts that may take longer such as being a book buddy or making thank-you cards.

    2. Mindset Mantras! Challenge your group to turn negative, limiting statements into positive ones. Provide some examples of negative statements to begin with and discuss how to alter the language in a positive light. For example, turn 'I'm not good at this' into 'I can train my brain.' Display the group's favorite positive statements around a mirror for a class-created affirmation station.

    3. Play Emotional Charades! Write emotions on a beach ball or set of large dice. Have one child roll the dice or ball and then act what the emotion would look like. Have other children guess which emotion is being acted out.

    4. Accomplishment Jar! Documenting accomplishments helps us recognize and celebrate our successes, no matter the size. Using a large jar and slips of paper, encourage students to write down daily accomplishments (along with their name) to be placed in the jar. At the end of each week, give the slips of paper back to each student as a reminder of how they've grown.

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