Good Nature Alphabet Cards Learning Set

Learning Set

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Charming, nature-inspired illustrations in the Good Nature Alphabet Cards Learning Set provide sound cues for reinforcing letter recognition, ABC order, letter/sound matching, and vowel & consonant recognition. Display, sort, and arrange in endless ways to suit any space or learning objective. Set can be used for hands-on alphabet activities and displayed for quick reference.

Perfect for schools, childcare centers, and in-home spaces like playrooms, reading corners, and kids' bedrooms. The set includes 21 consonant cards, 5 short vowel cards, 5 long vowel cards, and 1 arrow card for highlighting – or covering – a letter.


  • BIG LEARNING ... ANYWHERE – Alphabet wall cards can be easily arranged in various configurations to match any space or learning goal. Make an alphabet line or alphabet wall of cards, accompany children’s alphabet artwork, separate them into vowels & consonants, and use the arrow card to spotlight the letter of the day.

  • MANY BRAINY BENEFITS – This set is great for reinforcing early learning skills like recognizing letters, vowels & consonants, and ABC order. Illustrations help clue learners into initial letter sounds, and the vocabulary words spark an early interest in reading. Illustrations paired with words also help English language learners and bilingual students.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING FUN – Cards are sturdy and sized right for handheld activities for class-wide, small group, and individualized learning. This Learning Set is full of hands-on opportunities – use the ideas in the tab below to get you started.

  • EASY STORAGE – Limited wall space? Focus on a chunk at a time and store the extras easily! The package reseals to keep your set organized and ready anytime – no need for specialized storage.

  • SET INCLUDES – 32 pieces: 21 consonant cards, 5 short vowel cards, 5 long vowel cards, and 1 arrow card (5¼ inches x 8 inches each).

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Learning Sets are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

    • Nature-inspired illustrations
    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Package reseals for easy storage
    • 32 pieces: 31 alphabet cards (21 consonants, 5 short vowels, 5 long vowels), and 1 arrow card
    • 13.6 feet long, fully assembled
    • Coordinates with Good to Grow Collection
    • Made in USA
Learning FUN Ideas

Enjoy these activity ideas for lots of FUN learning:

    1. Line up! Invite learners to each hold a card and line up in alphabetical order. Practicing solo? Lay the cards out on the floor in alphabet order.

    2. Play I Spy... Place all cards upside down and draw one. Read the word. Kids search the room for another item that begins with that letter.

    3. Use the cards like jumbo flash cards. Hold one up and ask kids to name the letter and what comes next ... or before. Use this activity with the whole class, small groups, or for solo play.

    4. Topic Trivia! Hand a card to each student. Announce a category topic, like foods, colors, months, and so on. Have students take turns sharing an answer that starts with their letter. For example, if the category was fruit, a student holding the letter 'G' could respond with 'grapes.' After a handful of students have responded, have students switch letters with a classmate, and proceed with the next category topic.

    5. Choose a letter or letters to feature on a display (daily/weekly … you choose!). Draw pictures of items or animals that begin with that letter (an alligator eating an apple, for example). Hang the pictures or collect them on a binder ring for the ultimate alphabet book!

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