Inspiring Spring Decorating Ideas & DIYs

Ready...Set...Spring! 8 Inspiring Spring Decorating Ideas & DIYs

decorate your classroom for spring

So long winter…hello, spring! It's time for spring-inspired FUN with flower-filled crafts, displays, and activities. Check out our spring classroom decorations for lots of bright ways to celebrate the season. Read on for our roundup of favorite create-your-own classroom and office decorations too. 

1. Spring Tree Door Décor

Spring door decoration for school

We update our Big Oak Tree door décor to celebrate every season. Bring on spring with this door decoration idea for classrooms and offices. Signs of spring – birds, butterflies, flowers, and curious, happy critters – colorful blooms, green leaves, and rainbow waves make this door certified, spring-ready!

We used:

2. Poppin' Petals Spring Bouquet

Paper flower bouquet diy for spring

Create your own cute and colorful paper flowers to celebrate spring. DIY paper flowers make bright and welcoming spring decorations in classrooms, homeschools, homes, and care facilities. Directions here.

make your own paper flowers

how to make spring bouquet paper flowers

free instructions how to make paper flowers spring decorations

3. Bloom BIG Spring Flower Bulletin Board

spring bulletin board inspiration ideas

Spring is in bloom! Inspire everyone to bloom where they are planted with this eye-catching bulletin board. This display has so many fun elements, it's the perfect spring-spiration! Directions here.

spring bulletin board inspiration ideas giant paper flowers

spring bulletin board ideas

giant paper flower for bulletin board spring classroom inspiration

big paper flowers for spring bulletin board decorations

spring inspiration for classroom bulletin board

spring project ideas for kids make a bird from paper cute easy free pattern

4. Color Harmony™ Spring Bird

Shake off winter and welcome spring with adorable spring bird crafts! After making your bird, take a nature walk to look for other signs of spring, like flowers, critters, and insects. Kids will love to gather twigs, leaves, and grasses to make a nest for your bird too!

You’ll Need:

Click for instructions

See other birds on your nature adventure? Choose different colored paper and use this template or the Jazzy Jay below to create even more bird buddies.

spring project ideas for kids make a bird from paper cute easy free pattern

spring project ideas for kids at home easy paper craft make a bird free template5. Jazzy Jay

This sparkly, striped blue jay is looking sharp! The dramatic and fun feathered face of this bird makes him a favorite for kids of all ages. Create this quick and fun craft, and then take a walk as a family and see if you can spot one in nature.

You’ll Need:

Click for instructions

make your own woven paper place mat spring diy6. Spring Pattern Place Mat

Weave wonderful springtime place mats for classroom decorations that bring spring inside! These bring a flourish of color to any space and are the perfect backdrop for homemade flower decorations and more. Directions here.

how to make a place mat out of bulletin board trimmers borders spring decoration

7. Fun Photo Flower Pots

easy spring kid project flower pot

Creativity blooms with kid-crafted spring flower pots! Celebrate the season by making thoughtful, personalized planters for parents, grandparents, or someone else special. Directions here.

decorate flower pots stickers for spring kid project

8. Stairwell Spring Makeover

before and after stairwell spring makeover decoration

Spring is the perfect time of year to refresh common areas in schools and offices. It's easy to brighten any hallway or stairwell with reusable paper decorations! We used several products in the makeover of this stairwell area, including:

giant paper flower made from bulletin board borders trimmers trend

Staples and double-sided tape work great for creating big flowers out of trimmers!

before and after stairwell makeover spring decorations trend

spring stairwell makeover big paper flowers bulletin board set trimmers borders


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