Christmas & Winter Bulletin Boards & Door Displays that Dazzle

3 Christmas & Winter Bulletin Boards & Door Displays that Dazzle!

Christmas tree star made from sparkle paper trimmers

'Tis the Season to Decorate!

Whatever your reason for the season, use these 5 Christmas and winter display bulletin board and door décor ideas to make any space cozy, festive, and bright! Deck the halls … and walls, bulletin boards, offices, cubicles … anywhere! Discover simple ways to transform trimmers and cutouts into spirited winter décor and fun DIY displays. Customize our ideas to fit your space. Showcase the winter season, spark discussions about holidays and traditions, and honor religious and cultural traditions.

Christmas tree classroom wall decoration made from sparkle trimmers.

1. O Trimmer Tree!

This fir sure sparkles! Create a 3D tree display to light up any room. Use paper cutouts as ornaments to turn this DIY holiday tree into a giving charity tree, a secret Santa or gift exchange display, an interactive reward/incentive display, or use to feature vocabulary words, goals, and more. It’s a perfect fit for any classroom wall and brings FUN to community events, office reception areas, and school fundraisers.

DIY Christmas tree wall decoration made from paper sparkle trimmers.

To create, cut Green Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® to size. For a 3-tiered tree, use 3 different lengths, for a 5-tiered tree use 5 different lengths, and so on. (The length used on each tier will shorten as you move toward the top.) Staple individual trimmers into loops and hang in rows, the longest loops are toward the trunk. Repeat as many rows as will fit in your space. To adjust the width or height of the tree, simply reduce the number trimmers per row/tier.

Christmas tree made from sparkle trimmers.

How to make a sparkle paper Christmas tree topper star.

Top it off with a Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® paper tree topper. Create your topper by first cutting a circle of sturdy cardboard or card stock. A gallon size ice cream pail lid would also work. Divide the circle into 8 equal sections (like a pizza!) and place foam tape along lines. Hot glue can also be used.

How to make a paper tree topper star.

How to make a Christmas tree topper from sparkle paper.

Choose a trimmer style to use for your star. We used Yellow Sparkle Terrific Trimmers®. Cut three sizes of petal-like shapes, 8 of each size (small, medium, and large) from trimmer strips and fold each shape lengthwise.

How to make a sparkle paper tree topper star.

Glue or tape the 8 large pieces onto the circle along the lines.

How to make a DIY Christmas tree sparkle star paper tree topper.

Layer the middle-size pieces in-between the large pieces and tape or glue into place.

How to make a paper tree topper star.

Layer the small pieces on the top and top off with a small circle of trimmer paper and a jewel or other fun embellishment.

Cut chocolate brown trimmers for the tree trunk (no watering required!). Decorate to make it your own. Choose paper cutout accents in fun shapes for ornaments and hang trimmers horizontally for garland. Wow!

Amazing 3-D Christmas bulletin board. Learning is a gift!

2. The Gift of Learning Holiday Bulletin Board

Celebrate what a gift it is to learn with this present-filled bulletin board display! Cut out brightly colored paper for each gift box. Coordinate colors with solid trimmers for bows and cutouts for student names in colors of your choice. Use STICK-EZE® Stick-On Letters to write the name of each school subject on a trimmer. Then, attach the strips to the gift boxes to look like ribbons. Next, top it off with beautiful bows!

Learning is a gift Christmas holiday bulletin board idea.How to make a bow out of sparkle paper.

Create bows for your bulletin board display using strips of paper borders. In the display we created, we made 4 large bows for the bulletin board edging and 6 smaller bows for the gifts on the display.

First, we'll create the 4 large bows. Make the center loop for a large bow by stapling together a ring out of a 10.5" strip of Red Terrific Trimmers® - Sparkle. Loop a second 10.5" strip through the first one and staple together.

How to make a paper bow for bulletin board.

Use three long trimmer strips for the main part of each bow. With the white side facing up, gently bend the ends of one strip toward its center, overlap the ends slightly, and staple together. Repeat for each of the three strips. Stack the three loops and rotate them so they fill out a circle shape. Staple or tape together in the center.

How to make a DIY paper bow for Christmas.

Place the assembled center pieces in the middle of the bow and secure with double-sided foam tape, staples, or hot glue. Repeat these steps to make three more bows.

How to make a giant paper bow.

The smaller bows on the display follow similar steps and make half-sized bows.

How to make big paper bows.

Start the small bows by making center loops using two 10.5" strips of paper. Staple together. Cut three additional border pieces in the same color in desired length depending on the size you want for your bow. Gently fold each strip in half and use double-stick tape to hold together. 

How to make paper bows for bulletin boards.

How to make Christmas bows for a bulletin board.

Arrange all three bow loops in a half-circle shape. Staple in place. Add the center loops on top and attach with tape, glue, or staples.

How to make DIY big paper bow for Christmas.

Create a bow for each gift on your display and attach with glue or tape. Finish off your bulletin board display with sparkly star stickers and a mindful message: Learning Is a Gift.

Sparkle star stickers.

Mix and match trimmers and borders in holiday colors or patterns for cheerful bulletin board edging.

Mix and match Christmas bulletin board scalloped paper borders.

Big red sparkle paper bow for Christmas bulletin board. DIY how to make a paper bow.

Attach the large paper bows you created to each corner of your bulletin board for that extra WOW … it’s as eye-catching as it is FUN!

Christmas Nativity manger scene for bulletin board. 

3. Nativity Story

Create a display to celebrate Christmas and observe Christian traditions. Keep the focus on the Nativity story with this versatile bulletin board set.

Christmas Nativity paper cut-outs for bulletin board 

Individual pieces can be moved and rearranged on and around the stable for custom displays and arrangements or even a live retelling of the story. Add brilliant Yellow Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® edging and a headline to frame your display. Invite students to add artwork, attach Bible verses, and greetings. Beautiful artwork and vibrant colors make this a great focal piece for bulletin boards in Christian schools, churches, and more.

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