WOW Welcome Family Night Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Impress guests, direct foot traffic, and organize events with this grand welcome display!

  • Organize events all year with great informational displays! Welcome guests and alert them to the schedule of events with a bulletin board in a central location or reception area. Write a header for the display on the reusable signs from the Welcome Mini Bulletin Board Set.
  • Print labels or pieces of paper with each activity and room number on them. Create two for each activity and stick to Embossed Signs Classic Accents®. Place one label on the welcome display and another on the room door. If various teachers or staff will be helping in different locations, use a Stars Mini Accent to write the helper’s name next to the door label (parents will love the handy reminder!).
  • Add a schedule of events to your display on an Index Card Wipe-Off® Chart to keep everyone alerted to the itinerary – this is especially helpful during open houses. Bonus: you can write this ahead of time … the Wipe-Off® surface makes it easy to make updates!
  • Enjoy your event knowing guests are finding the information and activities they need to have FUN! When it’s over, wipe the charts and signs clean so you’re ready for the next event.

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