Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Inaugural Collector Combo Set

Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Combo Set

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Get a whiff of this! TREND Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® from the '80s are BACK! And they're SCENT-sational! This set includes one pack each of the inaugural 24 Retro Stinky Stickers® (Bee-utiful!, Berry Good, Cherry-Good!, Cool, Ex-Squeeze Me!, Grape Going!, Great!, Ham It Up!, Happy Birthday, Keep Rolling!, Looking Good!, Minty Good!, Ole!, Orange-A-Proud!, Poppin' Good, Right On!, Scooper Dooper, Snappy!, Super Stuff!, Tear-ific!, Way to Motor, Whoopee!, Wild!, and Wow!), plus one each of the first two Sticker Collector Albums (All in Good Pun: Jokes that Really STINK and Stickers on Parade).


Fun to collect, trade, and celebrate accomplishments and special occasions. On the stickers, collectors will be happy to spot the ★ to distinguish TREND Retro Stinky Stickers® from those printed in the 1980s. Sticker Collector Albums are the best way to display your stickers!


Want more sticker FUN? Grab our free Retro Stinky Stickers® Collector Sheets to display and grow your sticker collection. Share and swap any extra stickers with friends and family! Save stickers to trade by leaving them on their backings. Gather with friends at school and social events, and with family at get-togethers, to share your album and trade stickers you may not already have in your collection and vice versa. Getting together to admire each other’s collections, trade with each other, and share stories about favorite finds builds valuable social skills and lifelong relationships.


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