I ♥ Metal™ Grow for It! Growing Goals Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice setting goals as a class and encourage kids to set personal goals.

  • Create the display as shown, using Hearts Mini Accents for the flower petals and string or paper for each stem.
  • Let’s get growing! Use the flowers as inspiration to talk about growth and how it happens. What do flowers need to grow? Soil, water, and sunshine! What do our bodies need to grow? Food, water, and so on. How about our brains? Kids may laugh, but remind them when our brains get challenged, encouraged, and learn things…they grow!
  • Let the class know you’ll use the display to challenge them each week. Write learning objective goals on the Buckets Classic Accents® on display. Choose goals from a wide range of subjects to give everyone areas they may excel in and feel successful and also places they will be challenged...we’re growing brains afterall!
  • Introduce four goals on the display. Talk about what might be challenging and what they feel confident they will achieve. What tools will they need to move toward those goals? Students create their own goal for flower pot #5. Remind them to pick something that interests them and will also be challenging. They write their goals on Circles Mini Accents and keep them at their desks as a reminder.
  • At the week’s end, talk about what everyone learned, goals met, those in process, and congratulate everyone on their efforts! If a goal isn’t finished this week, no worries! Encourage him or her to use it for their #5 flower pot the next week and keep growing!

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    Metal Grow for It Bulletin Board Idea