I ♥ Metal™ Alphabet Line Standard Manuscript Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice beginning letter sounds, vocabulary words, and creative writing.

  • Display the Alphabet Line as shown. Label buckets accents with letters A to Z. Curl each bucket around an 8 oz. paper cup and tape in place. Hang each under its letter pair on the alphabet line, as shown.
  • Divide the class into 3 groups. Give each group 26 Make-Your-Own Flash Cards and a marker so there are 78 cards in play. Name a category for each group, like Animals, Food, or Objects.
  • To begin, each group brainstorms a word beginning with A that belongs in their category (Armadillo for Animal, Apple for Food, Apron for Object, for example). One volunteer for each group writes the word on a flash card and places it in the “A” bucket on display. Once complete, the group moves on to the next letter.
  • Rotate who writes so everyone gets a turn. Keep a dictionary handy in case kids get stuck. This is a perfect opportunity for them to discover new words and also a great reminder to check spelling!
  • Everyone continues through the alphabet until every bucket has an Animal, Food, and Object card. When all buckets have been completed, each student chooses a bucket and brings all 3 cards inside to his or her desk.
  • Everyone reads the words to themselves and then writes an alliterative sentence, like, “An armadillo was eating apples in an apron.” Bonus points if they can add even more alliterative words to their sentences. Each student takes a turn reading their sentence to classmates. Get ready for giggles!

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    I ♥ Metal™ Alphabet Line Standard Manuscript Bulletin Board Idea