Dream Big Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Dream it…do it! Create a display to inspire kids to dream BIG!

  • Students imagine being grown-up – what job do they have? What are their lives like?
  • Give everyone paper and markers or crayons to draw self-portraits of their future careers. Help them to spell and write the job name on their drawings.
  • Create ribbon awards using mini accents and strips of ribbon. Staple or tape two strips of ribbon together in an upside down “V” shape. Write encouraging phrases on mini accents, like “You Can Do It!” or “You Shine!”. Then, tape the accents on top of the ribbons to create neat award badges.
  • Students present their dream job drawings to the class, telling classmates all about their future careers. Cool! At the end of each presentation, give each child a ribbon badge to thank him or her for sharing.
  • Once everyone has presented, hang the ribbon awards and the pictures on the display along with I ♥ Metal™ Phrases pieces as shown. Keep the display up as a great reminder to dream BIG!

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