Leaf Wreath DIY



Happy fall! It's so fun to craft with leaves, and our paper cutouts are no exception. Create a leaf wreath for your wall or door to welcome fall and add a touch of seasonal flair anywhere. Marvelous leaves create a bright and fiery fall display that’s eye-catching and elegant with a few supplies and simple steps.


    Brighten your home, office, or classroom with a nature-inspired leaf wreath. The paper cutout leaves are just as brilliant as real ones without pressing, drying, or crumbling.

    • We recommend creating three or four layers using the large leaf accents, and then finish off the top layer(s) with small accents to really fill out your wreath.
    • Start by cutting a wreath ring out of cardboard for a base for your leaves. The ring won't show once you are finished so don't worry too much about making it perfect. You can also try tracing around large and small mixing bowls too.
    • Place tape at even intervals around the wreath circle. Crease the leaves slightly along the centers to give them extra dimension. Attach the leaves to the tape and press firmly to hold.
    • Place another round of tape in the “blank” areas on the cardboard and stick on another set of leaves. Watch the fall colors build!
    • Continue taping leaves around the circle as you work your way around it. Place the leaves at different heights on layers around the wreath so they do not all align perfectly.
    • Finish off your wreath by trimming any leaf stems that stick into the center.
    • If you'd like, glue a bow made out of raffia or twine to the top of your wreath too.

    You’ll be "wreathy" impressed with this awesome DIY fall decoration. The bright fall colors are great for greeting guests at home, school, reception areas, and more!

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