Sidewalk Chalk Stencil Art DIY



The season of chalk art is here! Get some fresh air and refresh your driveway and sidewalks with chalk art. Use fun accents as stencils to inspire all kinds of sidewalk chalk designs. Draw a fun scene, decorate for events, and spread kindness with every step!


      Let the summer sun and your creativity shine! 

      • Artwork + fresh air = FUN. There are many recipes for sidewalk chalk online if you’re looking to DIY your own varieties and colors, otherwise, gather your chalk and start planning your pictures.
      • Use accents as stencils to make happy scenes. Decide which cutouts you'll use and lay them out to design your chalk art space.
      • Trace around the accents to stencil in a fantastic scene. (Use rocks or other weighted objects to hold in place if it’s windy.)
      • When your space is filled with a variety of shapes and objects, have fun creating challenges for kids. For example, ask them to find and stand on a blue star, count the yellow fish, hop from the fish to the heart, and so on. Fun!

        Create decorations for July 4th or other holidays, celebrate birthdays and events, play games, and spread messages of kindness.

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