Summer Fun Door Décor DIY



Set the scene for summer using the Big Oak Tree Bulletin Board Set as a base for this summertime decoration idea. The versatile, cut-out tree easily transforms from season to season keeping your space festive, fresh, welcoming, and bright year-round!



Mix and match some or all of these ideas to create your doorway display. Here's how we created ours:

  • Layer Grass Terrific Trimmers® along the bottom of your door for a fresh green scene. (Be mindful of your door hinges and where the door will swing open.)
  • Nest the bottom of the Big Oak Tree in the grass. Bonus: The tree height is adjustable to fit a variety of design ideas!
  • Create a row of flowers to add to your door display! Repeat these steps for each flower, adding your own touches and personal style:
    • Cut a green trimmer into three strips, lengthwise so you'll have two strips with straight edges (for flower stems) and one strip with a scalloped edge (for stem leaves). 
    • To make the bloom of each flower, cut a circle out of a sparkle Terrific Trimmers® and tape onto the center of a small star accent. Mix and match colors to create a variety of colorful flowers.
    • For the petals, we chose Terrific Trimmers® in a color similar to the flower center, but feel free to make any color combinations you like! Create petals with a variety of cut-out fringe, shapes, or strips made from trimmers. Leave as-is or make loops or other layered designs.
    • Tape the petals to the back side of each flower center you created. Tape or glue another star accent to the back of the petals to sandwich your flower together. Offset the points of the stars so they show or line them up so only the petals show – your choice!
    • Tape each flower bloom onto a stem. Trim the stem lengths as needed to make flowers that are different heights to fill in your display. Add leaves by looping the scalloped strips you cut previously and taping to the stems.
Flip flop FUN!
  • You'll be walking on sunshine when you add this fun pair of flip flops to your display! Choose Terrific Trimmers® in bright and fun colors. We combined sparkle dots with bright red!
  • Cut a base shape out of foam core or cardboard. Cut three holes in the base of the flip flop for the shoe strap (like an off-centered triangle).
  • Cover the base of the flip flop using a strip of brightly-colored trimmer. Glue or tape in place. Then, cut slits in the trimmer to mark where the strap holes are located on the shoe-shaped base underneath.
  • Make shoe straps from strips of Terrific Trimmers®. We used the scalloped edge so our sandals are extra eye-catching. Cut two trimmer strips that include the scalloped edge plus about ¼-inch of the trimmer. Make sure each strap is long enough to easily reach from the top hole to the bottom holes. Glue the strips into the holes to hold.

Let's Set the Scene

  • Fill in your oak tree to make it super green and full of leaves by adding accents from the Oak Leaves & Acorns accents pack.
  • Add the flowers and flip flops you created and tape them to the display.
  • Next, fill your door display with fluttering critters, bugs, and birds using Bugs and Busy Birds accent packs. The bright colors and smiling faces are sure to bring happy summer vibes!
    • Hint: The red and green birds are fun to make 3-D. Simply trim off the wings and re-attach them poking out from behind the bird’s body. Glue or tape a piece of foam core or thick foam tape between the wings and body to create dimension.
    • Don’t forget to showcase the summer sunshine! Create a shining yellow sun in one corner of the door using yellow paper. Make the sun large enough to accommodate a summer message.
    • Finish off the edges of the sun by accordion folding a strip of Yellow Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® and taping to the edge of the sunshine. Look at those rays!
    • Use punch-out letters to write a summer greeting and tape on the yellow paper. 
    • Finish off your door decoration with your favorite summer-themed trim around the outside doorway edges and any other seasonal touches. Wow!

    This door display will give a warm welcome and summery salute to guests, summer learners, and staff all season long!


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