Father's Day Poem Plaque DIY



Kids will love making this Father’s Day Poem Plaque! Describe Dad and let him know all his great qualities with this DIY keepsake that encourages creativity and builds vocabulary skills too.


This is a fun and artful reminder of all of Dad’s great qualities and shows how much he means to you!

  • Punch two holes at the top of a piece of construction paper.
  • Cut a length of string, ribbon, or yarn for hanging. Set aside.
  • Brainstorm descriptive words before beginning. Write a word list to give kids ideas for their acrostic poems (and to help with spelling).
  • Invite children to decide what word or name they will use for their poems (Dad, Daddy, Grandpa, the name of another father figure, and so on).
  • Spell the name vertically down the center of the paper in STICK-EZE® Stick-On Letters.
  • Children write the adjectives they picked on the paper, incorporating the sticker letters into each one. Every poem will be unique!
  • Provide an assortment of stickers and watch kids embellish their signs with silly smiles and shimmering stars. Remember to sign your poems, too!
  • Loop the string through the holes at the top and tie in a bow.

Read your poems to Dad on Father's Day. He will proudly display your plaque to celebrate the special day!

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