Happy Hands Folding Card DIY



Fold FUN into Mother’s Day with this heartfelt DIY card idea. When children make this colorful and cute “hands-on” craft, it makes Mom’s day! Mail a folding card to "wave" hello to grandmothers and aunts, too!


Melt Mom's heart with this card that puts your message into motion.

  • Choose two colors of Handprints Classic Accents® and take a pair of each color from the pack. Glue or tape each pair of hands back-to-back so they are two-sided. These are the front and back covers for your card.
  • Add your message, “My love for you grows!” to Painted Labels stickers, writing one word per sticker label. Remember to sign the last one with your name!
  • Accordion-fold a trimmer into seven or eight folds. Unfold it and lay the color facing up. Stick one label per folded section so your message reads across the strip.
  • Tape or glue each end of the trimmer strip you've decorated to the inside of each hand "cover" (message facing up!).
  • Decorate the front cover of your card with a message spelled out in Alphabet superShapes stickers.
  • Close your card. Cut a short length of yarn and loop it around the same finger on both hand accents (like a ring or reminder string). Tie the string on the front of the card to hold it shut.

Everyone will love unfolding your sweet message in this creative card. Kids will celebrate that they made it with their own two hands!

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