Color Harmony™ Peacock DIY



Flock into fun with a polka-dot peacock craft project. The included template and minimal supplies makes this peacock easy and fun for kids to make. Add it to your Color Harmony™ classroom theme for a fun tabletop or desk decoration.


Supply and Template Setup

  • Print the template provided in the download tab to the right.
  • If precutting the pieces for children, each template makes 1 bird (can reuse). Trace the template parts onto the backs of trimmers and accents and cut out each piece. Depending on their skill level, kids can help with these steps too.
  • We used Swirl Dots on Black trimmer for the tail feathers and Ocean trimmer for the head, neck, and body piece – feel free to use other colors if you wish. We like how nicely these coordinate with a Color Harmony™ decorating theme!


  • Trace the body onto the trimmer and cut it out. Roll the body segment into a circle shape and secure. Refer to the template for the location of the glue or tape. 
  • Fold head pieces as indicated on the template and sandwich a feather between the two pieces. Glue the feather in place and tape the pieces closed. 
  • Position the feet under the body so just the colorful edge of the accent (about 1 inch) shows in front of the bird. The feet will extend behind the body – this helps the peacock balance once the tail is attached. Tape or glue the body on top of the feet.

Tail Feathers

  • Time to make the beautiful tail fan! You’ll use a full accent to hold the feathers. Choose any color you like. Fold the accent in half like a taco, with the colored side facing out.
  • Place the 7 tail segments in the “taco” and spread them out to look like a fan. Tape or glue the trimmer strips in place and fold the accent shut. You may need to use extra tape to hold the accent together.
  • Glue or tape the tail fan to the back of the body.


  • Glue googly eyes and the beak cutout on your peacock's face. 

Enjoy your eye-catching decoration! Use this idea for a group or classroom art project to make a whole flock of colorful peacocks. 

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