Celebration Streamers DIY



Let's celebrate! Create paper streamer decorations that move and twirl in dazzling ways to applaud achievements, celebrate special moments, or hang just for fun. Decorate classrooms, homeschools, and workplace break rooms with energy and excitement.



Choose a variety of accents for each streamer. Use a combination of circles and stars – how many and what colors are up to you!
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    Turn decorations into FUN works of art with these DIY streamers.

    • Print out the spiral spinner templates in the Download tab to the right.
    • Trace the spiral onto transfer paper with a pencil and rub onto the back of the circle accent. If you do not have access to transfer paper, press firmly along the lines of your print out so it makes an impression on the back of the circle accent. Trace along the indented lines. Kids may need assistance with this step.
      • The template isn't required, but will help you create even spirals. Crafters may really enjoy creating their own unique twirl, just remember to draw your spirals from the center outward, without overlapping any lines.

    • Cut along your traced/drawn lines. Once it is cut, flip it over and gently lift up on the center area, pulling the layers apart. Look at the swirl you made ... nice!
    • It's time to add flair and fancy! Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your designs. Use your own artsy intuition too.
    • You'll want to cut two of each star/circle shape you create so you can sandwich the string between the shapes.
    • Stars: Use the stars as-is or create star "frames" by cutting along the beveled-looking edges on the inside of the stars to remove the centers. If you cut carefully, you'll get one solid star and one star frame out of each accent.
    • Circles: There are lots of options for the circles. You can cut out the centers to make frames, cut silhouette shapes out of the white center areas, create additional spinners, or leave the pieces whole. It’s fun to see all the great combinations!
    • Once all spinners and shapes are cut out, lay them out on a desk or table to decide how your unique decoration will look.
    • Cut a length of thread (or many) to fit your design.
    • For spinners: attach them to thread by looping string through or taping to the center area.
    • For shapes: place like shapes back-to-back to sandwich the thread between them. Stick together with double-stick tape to keep the shapes from sliding down the thread.
    • Continue arranging your shapes and spinners until you have your whole spinner decorated. Hold it up and give it a twirl. Wow!

    Make this a classroom-wide craft project and fill the room with celebration streamers to cheer for a goal met, celebrate the 100th day of school, and more!

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      Download template here!

      Celebration Streamers DIY
      Celebration Streamers DIY