Spring Pattern Place Mats DIY



Weave wonderful springtime place mats for classroom decorations that bring spring inside!

Choose any colors that match your spring classroom decorating theme. We used: 
  • Decide which trimmer color or pattern you want to feature in the center of your place mat. Start in the center and work your way outward.
  • Cut strips as you go to whatever length or width you need. It's OK if they overhang your finished size, you'll trim the excess before you're done. 
  • Mix and match colors and patterns. Have fun layering and weaving your strips. Tape strips together as needed to hold them in place while you work.
  • When you're happy with your design, lay the final border around the outside edges and attach with double-sided tape. 
  • Tape strips in place on the back side to secure your mat together. For a more finished and colorful look, glue colored paper to the back. Laminate your place mat to keep it looking great all season! 

Use place mats to add a spring flourish to tables and desks in your classroom. They are perfect for showcasing paper flower bouquets and other spring craft decorations!

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    Spring Pattern Place Mats DIY