Paper-Heart Garland DIY



Looking for a Valentine's Day decoration that's easy and FUN to make? This is it! Create a variety of pretty, paper-heart garlands to bring a heartful vibe to holiday decorations in your classroom, office, and more!

  • Cut hearts out of Sparkle Terrific Trimmers® at even intervals and set these cutouts aside for use on other garland designs.
  • Decide if you want to keep the heart-shaped openings you’ve created as silhouettes or have fun filling them in!
  • To fill in the heart shapes, cut and tape chenille steps to the backs of the trimmers and stick heart stickers to each stem. Position the hearts to peek through or above the holes. Hearts on hearts? Yes!
  • If you leave the heart shapes open, add stickers to the trimmer strips between the cut-outs for a burst of color and interest. We like how colorful Artsy Heartsy stickers are, but have fun with a variety of stickers!
  • Remember to gently scratch your scented stickers on all of your decorations to release the yummy cherry scent. Each time someone walks by your decorations, they’ll get a whiff of cherry. Sweet!
  • Make a third garland design using the sparkling paper hearts you previously set aside. Crease each heart down the middle gently so they are slightly dimensional. 
  • Cut hearts from a strip of Gold Metallic Terrific Trimmers® that are slightly larger than the red hearts. We love the contrast of the red and gold, but go ahead and choose colors for this garland that match your classroom decorations best!
  • Glue the center/crease of the red hearts onto the center of the gold hearts and allow time for them to dry. You can also cut a small slit in the gold heart and nest the bottom of the red heart in the notch.
  • Punch small holes in the left and right side of each gold heart. Loop your favorite decorative string through the right edge of one heart and through the left edge of the next heart. 
  • Cut your string so it is long enough to tie little bows between your pairs of hearts holding them together. So cute!
Hang your spectacular, sparkling classroom decorations across desks, doorways, windows, and use for showcasing the treat table at your Valentine's Day party!

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