Shimmering Bookmarks DIY



'Tis the season to cuddle up with a good book and these shimmering bookmarks make it extra FUN. Awesome and easy DIY bookmarks are thoughtful gifts and encourage reading year round. The sturdy, shimmering paper makes it easy to find your place in your book or planner pages, and the blank backs are perfect for writing reading lists, encouraging messages, and more.


These bookmarks are lots of fun, plus you get all of the shimmer of glitter without the mess!

  • First, choose which colors you’d like to use. This is the hardest part about this simple DIY project. You’ll be able to make 12 bookmarks out of each strip, so there’s lots of opportunity for creating many different styles for thoughtful holiday gifts for classmates, family members, Bible study groups, and more.
  • Cut the Bolder Borders® in half lengthwise. Stack the two strips and cut again every 6 inches to make 12 strips for bookmarks.
  • Get creative! There are many ways to decorate and create unique bookmarks. How many styles can you make? Ideas include:
    • Punch holes in the top and tie fancy, festive strings through
    • Add a sticker to the string by sandwiching two symmetrical stickers (like the Stars listed in the Supplies) around the string
    • Decorate it with stickers or write the recipient’s name
    • Use a zigzag scissor to give the outside edge an exciting twist
    • Write messages, Bible verses, recommended reading lists, and more on the backs
    • Use two border strips and glue them back-to-back for double-sided fun
  • Here’s an idea to make reading fun for your family or a small group of classmates:
    • Choose a book to read together – a longer, chapter book is best.
    • Create a bookmark for each family or group member who will read. Write each person’s name on the back of a bookmark.
    • Slide the bookmarks into the pages at various places. When you get to someone’s bookmark – it’s their turn to read!

Decorate the bookmarks with motivational stickers for extra encouragement and oomph that reluctant readers or planner users will appreciate! Create new bookmarks for any occasion – like starting a new book – to celebrate reading and the joyful season!

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