Round Paper Holiday Ornaments DIY



Craft merry memories with kids and adults while creating homemade ornaments. DIY paper ornaments are joyful additions to any holiday tree. Let these sparkling designs inspire many creative ideas to fill homes and classrooms with color, embellish holiday trees, and give as keepsakes and gifts to family.  


Use our ideas for inspiration, and then have fun mixing and matching different trim, papers, and ribbons for totally unique ornaments!

  • Cut your trimmer into strips of any length. Remember, the longer your strips the larger your finished ornaments will be.
  • Choose what width you will use as well. The more strips you have, the more complicated your design will be, but these are fairly easy either way. Leaving the strips full-size lets the scallops add a bit of whimsy to your designs too.
  • We used Snowflakes Sparkle Plus and Yellow Sparkle trim, but feel free to shop many different sparkling designs to match your holiday decorating theme. 
  • For each ornament you make, decide how many strips you'd like, what dangling "extras" to use, and any other design choices.
  • For the ornament with colorful paper in the middle, choose an interesting or special sheet of wrapping paper and ball it up with the color facing out. 
  • Lay the trimmer strips face down. Cross them at the center, and if using, set your paper ball on top of where they overlap (or leave it empty). Next bend the ends of each strip to meet at the top, creating a circle. Tape together and repeat for all trimmer strips.
  • Once you have a basic ball, it's yours to decorate any way you like! 
  • Add a star cutout or a circle of paper to the top area to cover where your paper ornament is taped together. Tape it onto the top. 
  • Next, punch a hole in the top of your ornament (go through the trimmers and any accents/cutouts on top). 
  • Thread a piece of string or a chenille stem into the hole to create a hook for hanging on your holiday tree. Bend the stem or tape it into the inside of the ornament.
  • Tape any dangling string or other embellishments to the bottom of your ornament too. 
  • Keep going with a different mix of colors and designs until you have many jolly ornaments. 

Enjoy your kid-friendly and awesome homemade holiday ornaments. This craft is a great way for a whole family or classroom to quickly make a variety of decorations to adorn a holiday tree or give as gifts. 

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