United in Friendship Bulletin Board DIY



Celebrate Kwanzaa and create a lovely display of friendship with this bulletin board decorating idea. This idea combines basic display essentials into a wonderful, united display about Kwanzaa. Rich and festive colors make this a favorite for celebrating cultural heritage.

  • Line your display area with yellow or other brightly colored paper.
  • Punch out letters to spell Happy Kwanzaa or another happy greeting.
  • Create a handprint wreath using a variety of hands in many shades to coordinate with your display. Use Handprints accents or cut hands out of construction paper. If you wish, create a frame using cardboard or heavy chipboard. Tape layers of hands onto the circle shape to make a “wreath” of hands.
  • Hang this in the center of your display.
  • Cut the scallops off a green trimmer and write UNITED IN FRIENDSHIP on it in black stick-on lettering. Trim the ends into points to give it a flag-like shape.  
  • Scatter handprints around the display for extra decoration.
  • Frame the bulletin board with the African-patterned border layered on bright red to finish.

Celebrate and teach about Kwanzaa using this display to get kids interested and ready to learn. It’s a great reminder during Kwanzaa and beyond to celebrate and unite in friendship and love. Switch up the main message and display all year!

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