Bold Strokes Phrases Goals Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice setting goals; learn how to plan to achieve success.


Before class, cut one large arrow out of colorful paper. Introduce goal-setting with the “Dream. Plan. Do.” sign from this set. Each student writes a word on the arrow about what success takes, like time, effort, and patience. Read the words as a class, then add to the display.

Time to dream! Everyone writes a list of goals they would like to achieve at school, home, or in their communities. To eliminate or redefine goals, students ask themselves if each goal is:

  • Specific: “Do better in school” is very broad. First, choose one subject for improving!

  • Realistic: “Become a movie star” is an example of a long-term goal. Choose a smaller step, and make a goal, like acting in the school play.

  • Time-focused: Assign steps and timelines to every goal. Then, name each goal short or long term.

  • Measurable: Progress check-ins keep goals on track. Plus, seeing improvement is motivating!

Every student chooses two or three goals as a focus. Hand out big and small arrow accents for students to write their goals on. They write steps for each goal on the accent backs.

Now, students make the arrows as personal as the goals they represent! Decorate with glitter, pom poms, sequins, and stickers. Each student stores her or his vibrant, visual reminders inside homework folders or lockers. Proud students add arrows to the display as goals are met. Celebrate fellow achievers with happy cheers!

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    Bold Strokes Phrases Goals Bulletin Board Idea