BlockStars!® Character Shines Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Introduce and encourage positive character traits. Friendly BlockStars!® demonstrate the building blocks of good character!

  • Laminate the signs and display the BlockStars!®.

  • Write a character trait on each sign, such as Fair, Responsible, Trustworthy, Caring, Citizenship, and Respectful.

  • Post the signs above the related BlockStars!® on the display.

  • On separate Sentence Strips, write how each of the BlockStars!® demonstrates a different character trait.
    Show how the soccer player is Fair: “I take turns being the goalie.”
    Show how the reader is Respectful: “I am quiet in the reading room.”

  • Student volunteers choose a sentence, read it out loud, and identify the correct character trait. Display the sentences below their character traits (as shown).

Bonus Idea

Extend the Learning: Spark a lively conversation about character! Challenge children to think about a time they demonstrated a positive character trait. Have them create a poster about the trait using words and drawings to explain what it means. Display the posters as a friendly way to promote positive character!

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    BlockStars!® Character Shines Bulletin Board Idea