Color Harmony™ Photo Alphabet Awesome Alphabet

Bulletin Board Idea

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Practice writing the letters of the alphabet and learn vocabulary words.


  • Start by creating a blank Awesome Alphabet Book for each student by folding 14 blank sheets of 8½" x 11" paper together and stapling down the center seam. Create the display above, featuring two alphabet strips.

  • Using the pointers in the set, highlight two of the letters on display. Invite a volunteer to name the letters and the pictures above the letters on the alphabet line. Challenge the class to name other words that begin with those letters. Write the vocabulary words on name plates and add to the display below the letters.

  • Once the board is full of vocabulary words, it’s time to create pages for students’ Awesome Alphabet Books! Hand each child their blank book and place crayons and markers where everyone can reach them.

  • Encourage children to use the display as inspiration (and spelling help)! Each child writes one letter per page of their Alphabet Book along with a vocabulary word and a picture showing the word.

  • Continue the activity, periodically changing the letter strips until students have a page in their books for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Provide Ready Letters® for students to glue or trace the beginning letter of their names onto their book covers. Everyone writes their names on the covers and draws pictures of items or animals that begin with that letter. Add accents and stickers for extra decoration.

    Everyone brings their books home to show family and friends all of the letters and new words they learned! A is for Amazing!

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    Color Harmony™ Photo Alphabet Awesome Alphabet