Color Harmony™ Wipe-Off® Class Jobs Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Teach responsibility and encourage reliable behavior.

Students love showing how helpful they can be with a Class Jobs board. Display a selection of the pre-filled job signs from this set to start.
  • Time to assign! Write kids’ names on circle accents and place in a pocket made from Bolder Borders® or other paper. Pull one or two names per job title, depending on the task. Announce helpers and write their names on the Class Jobs pieces on display.
  • If students are of writing age, hold a classroom Job Fair to “hire” students for each duty. Write the tasks of each job on the Class Jobs pieces on display. Invite students to apply for jobs they would like by writing down skills they have that match the job’s duties. Assign jobs based on student applications.
  • When it’s time to change the job assignments, simply wipe the pieces clean and draw names again or hold another Job Fair.
4 blank signs can be used many ways:
  • Assign additional jobs custom to your classroom.
  • Write spirited messages to encourage helpers to always do their best!
  • Post a list of tips or directions for helpers to follow, like the feed/water schedule for pets and plants, or where certain supplies are stored.
  • Keep a tally of all the days kids complete their jobs safely and respectfully, and when the class meets a predetermined goal, they earn a bonus!
Students will feel proud and excited to be such a helpful part of the classroom community. Hooray for hard workers!

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    Color Harmony™ Wipe-Off® Class Jobs Bulletin Board Idea