Color Harmony™ Character Traits Bulletin Board Idea

Bulletin Board Idea

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Learn about character traits and encourage positive behavior.

  • Get into character! Choose to display and study one trait at a time or create one large display using all of the signs. Tape Ready Letters® onto pennants accents to create a “We Are …” header.
  • Start by talking about each character trait. Hint: The vocabulary on each sign is great for opening discussions and helping students understand what each trait means.
  • Invite students to name ways to show each trait. Suggest they start with a prompt, like “I am kind when I…”. Answers might include, “share my toys” or “help my little brother.” Write student responses on circle accents and add them to the display.
  • Next, students choose one character trait to practice for the week. Each writes the trait on a circle accent and includes one or more ways to show the trait using examples discussed in class. They hang the accent in their cubbies, desks, or lockers as visual reminders of the trait to practice.
  • Students choose a new character trait to practice the next week. Continue until everyone has practiced all six traits.
  • Now that everyone is in the habit of making good choices and acting in positive ways, it’s time to celebrate! Invite students to share stories of different ways they showed each trait in and out of the classroom. Three cheers for good character!

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    Color Harmony™ Character Traits Bulletin Board Idea