Let's Learn Life Cycles Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Learn the basics of biology and practice putting life cycle stages in order with this fun puzzle activity.

  • For young learners, you may want two of the life cycle chart: One to cut apart and one to use as a guide or mat for the activity.
  • Cut out the circle and cut apart each pie shape on one chart.
  • After learning the basics of the life cycle, split into small groups or practice independently.
  • Set the cut-apart pieces of the life cycle on a floor or table and challenge children to put the cycle together in order and then explain what happens in each stage.
  • If beginners need a little help to get started, use a second of the same chart as a mat for them to match the stages while they learn them.
  • Invite kids to research the life cycle of a different plant or an animal and create their own mini life cycle pie, complete with hand-drawn pictures. Swap with classmates for a fun challenge!

BONUS: Plant your own bean seed and then follow along using the Life Cycle of a Plant puzzle. Add a new piece to the pie each time you observe a new stage. What will happen next? Everyone will love watching a life cycle in action!

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