Solar System Mobile Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Blast off into FUN! Create this mobile while learning about the solar system. Decoration and learning in one...FUN!

  • Create a mobile and invite students to help decorate or surprise them by making this cool decoration ahead of time.
  • You'll need four strips of Terrific Trimmers® for the rings: Cut two 9-inch long strips and two 5½-inch long strips. Glue or tape the pairs back-to-back.
  • Curve each strip into a circle. Overlap the ends slightly and staple or tape together to hold the rings in place.
  • Next, cut two strips of foam core or cardboard (about 10 inches long each). Cut a notch out of the center of one and slide the other into the notch to create an “X” shape.
  • Center the larger of the two trimmer circles on the foam core “X” and mark where the circle rests on the foam core. Cut slits (about ¾ inches deep) along each mark and gently slide the trimmer scallops into those slits.
  • Flip the whole piece over and repeat with the smaller trimmer circle. Insert the small circle into the slits so scallops on both rings face in the same direction.
  • Feel free to use additional foam core inside the trimmer rings to reinforce your mobile.
  • Attach string inside the rings and on the foam core "X" for your planets to hang. Leave the strings long – you can trim them later.
  • Tape pairs of planet accents back-to-back with the string between each pair.
  • Label the planets and tape labels to each string.
  • To hang your mobile, tie loops of string around the outside ends of the foam core “X.” Gather the string ends together and hang from the ceiling or wall hook.
  • Invite students to choose different planets to learn more about. They present information about the planets and have fun pointing them out on the mobile.
  • Choose some of the fun solar system trivia facts children learn to add to the display. Write facts in the form of questions, with the question on one side of an index card and the answer on the other. Tape the cards back-to-back on the string near the planet the fact is about. Kids will love to quiz themselves!

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