Puzzle Play Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Build vocabulary with word play! Piece together compound words and boost vocabulary skills with colorful puzzles.

  • Write compound words on the Puzzle Pieces accents (half of each word per piece). Choose words kids are familiar with, like baseball or firefighter. Puzzles can be color-coded to give early learners helpful clues too!
  • Make a Word Bank with the compound words in it and display on the whiteboard for reference later.
  • Shuffle the accents into one large draw pile.
    • Students choose one accent each from the draw pile, and then spread out in the room with the piece.
    • Puzzle-solving time! Students search the room to find the classmate holding the other half of their compound word. They use the Word Bank to check their words.
    • When all children have pieced together their puzzles, they each use the compound word in a sentence.
    • Challenge boost! Time the class with a stopwatch to see how fast they can get all of the puzzles completed. Can they beat their best time?

    Kids will love vocabulary practice with an upbeat pace!

    BONUS: Give each child a compound word accent pair. Students use each of the words in separate sentences. Then, arrange the puzzle pieces together and say a third sentence using the compound word that is formed. Can anyone say a single sentence that correctly uses all three words? 

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      Puzzle Play Learning FUN Activity