Stickers on Parade Sticker Collector Album (stickers sold separately)

Sticker Collector Album

SKU T49202

Strike up the band and get your sticker parade started! Make sticker collecting extra FUN with Stickers on Parade!


Sticker Collector Albums are the best way to display your stickers. Just peel a sticker off its backing and press the sticker in place on whichever page you want. Part of the FUN of collecting is that YOU get to decide on the very best spot for each of your stickers! Use the pages in this book to collect, organize, and show off your stickers. Stickers sold separately.


Want more sticker FUN? Share and swap any extra stickers with friends and family! Save stickers to trade by leaving them on their backings. Gather with friends at school and social events, and with family at get-togethers, to share your album and trade stickers you may not already have in your collection and vice versa. Getting together to admire each other’s collections, trade with each other, and share stories about favorite finds builds valuable social skills and lifelong relationships.


    Customer Reviews

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    Makes this big kid happy

    If you're a 40-something who still collects stickers like a 5 year old, this is for you! Glossy pages like you remember from your childhood - but not for sticking and peeling off and resticking (why is that a thing now???); this book is to amass your stickers and show them off.

    Thank you, GM, for your 5-star review of Stickers on Parade Sticker Collector Album from the 'new' Retro Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers® Collection from TREND. We're honored to be part of your collecting. Keep sharing the sticker love!

    Kula W.
    Love this!

    Looks just like they did in the 80's. Love the artwork.

    Thanks, Kula, for your 5-star review of the Stickers on Parade Stickers Collector Album! We had such fun making it, and hope you have fun making new memories. Happy collecting!