Presidents' Day classroom decorations distance learning decor

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Presidents' Day Classroom Décor

Celebrate the presidents of the USA with stately décor in red, white, and blue! Create classroom displays featuring all 45 presidents, and host a presidential party with patriotic crafts, banners, and signs. Mix, match, and layer patriotic colors and patterns for unique displays. Made in USA.

T63303 Stickers Sparkle Proud Hearts

Proud Hearts Sparkle Stickers® – Large


Sparkle Stickers® – Large

SKU T63303

Inspire big smiles with sparkling sticker favorites! Motivate and reward progress, decorate folders, journals, scrapbooks ... and any project. Fun ...

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T46176 Stickers Chart Patriotic Symbols

Patriotic Symbols superSpots® Stickers


superSpots® Stickers

SKU T46176

Perfect for tracking progress on Incentive Charts & Pads, and spotlighting success. Add pizzazz to graphs, journals, invitations, and more. Spe...

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T46404 Stickers Sparkle Silver Stars

Silver Stars superShapes Stickers – Sparkle


superShapes Stickers – Sparkle

SKU T46404

Shiny little stars are enduring classics for all ages. Perfect for Incentive Charts & Pads, notes, awards, and art projects too. Endless possib...

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T46606 Stickers Color Foil Stars

Colorful Stars superShapes Stickers – Foil


superShapes Stickers – Foil

SKU T46606

Vibrant stars are enduring classics for all ages. Perfect for Incentive Charts & Pads, notes, awards, and art projects too. Endless possibiliti...

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