Thankful Things Book Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Encourage thankful thoughts! Kids make creative writing keepsakes and learn to show appreciation. 

  • Cut Terrific Papers® in half (5½" x 8½") with a paper cutter. Stack half sheets so all side borders are on the left. Trim off the top and bottom borders to make 5½" x 5½" sheets.
  • Gather art supplies, accents, and stickers in a central location.
    • Let creativity shine! Give each child 6 pre-cut pages to draw and write things they are thankful for. Examples might include special friends, family, a pet, things in nature, or exciting events.
    • Make each book extra-special by decorating the cover with playful charm. Ideas could be a smiley theme (made with a variety of stickers & draw on a smiley face), and a Thanksgiving theme (made with a Handprint accent, felt, and sticks). Write a title on front for the perfect finishing touch!
    • Children glue, or with an adult’s help, staple the pages together to complete their books.
    Everyone proudly shares their keepsakes with family and tells them what they are thankful for.

      BONUS: Create Helping Hands coupon books children give to parents or grandparents. Each child writes tasks on coupon book pages. Family members redeem coupons for help watering the garden, making dinner, and so on.

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      Thankful Things Book Learning FUN Activity