Dino-Mite Job Chart Learning FUN Activity

Learning FUN Activity

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Promote caring, helpful attitudes! Create a chart that motivates kids to dig in and help out!

  • Using letters, create the title “CLASSROOM JOBS” on poster board.
  • Arrange the pockets in two rows of four, alternating the two designs. Tape or glue in place.
  • Write job titles on labels, and place one on each pocket.
  • Have children choose what dinosaur they would like to be. Write the child’s name on a label, then adhere the accent and label to a craft stick. Hint: Choose symmetrical label designs, so you can sandwich the craft stick between the labels.
  • Easily change job assignments by making and placing new name sticks in the job pockets.
  • Children are proud to be involved and responsible for a role in their classroom family.

    BONUS: Use Dino-Mite Pals® or other characters to catch students’ attention and get them excited about classroom jobs.

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      Dino-Mite Job Chart Learning Fun Activity