Turkey Gobble, Gobble DIY



Feast your eyes on this prize turkey! Create a paper turkey DIY for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece, fall decoration, or desk décor. Perky polka dots and bright golden colors makes this turkey the star of your holiday gatherings and craft time.


    You’ll want to precut supplies for younger children if they will be creating on their own.

    Tail Fan

    • First, create the tail fan. Cut one strip of Dots on Black scalloped trim into 10 equal pieces.
    • Lay the strips out in a fan shape with the color facing down. Lightly tape the strips together on the backs. Flip it over and adjust as needed, and then tape firmly together.
    • Fold one large circle accent (any color of your choice) in half. Then, slide the tail fan strips inside the folded accent (so the fold is toward the bottom of the fan).
    • Decorate the tail fan by layering four small circle accents behind the large accent. Leave about 1/3 of each accent poking out along the top and tape them into place to add to your turkey’s plumage.
    • Add a golden flair to the top of the tail fan! Cut the Golden Lines trim into 2-inch lengths, including a rounded (scalloped) section of the trim in each chunk. Tape the gold strips behind the polka dot trimmers so the gold lines the top of the tail. Tape into place and adjust as necessary for good coverage.

    Body and Head

    • For the body and head of the turkey, cut one Dots Bolder Borders® in half so you have two strips just under 18 inches each. Set one strip aside.
    • On the other strip, measure 7 inches from one end and mark it with a pencil. 
    • Trim ½ inch off of the width of the strip on each side along the 7-inch area. This skinny strip will be the head.
    • Measure an additional two inches past the 7 inches you just trimmed and make another pencil mark.
    • Draw two angled lines that start from the thin width on each side and move outward to the fullest width by the second pencil mark. Cut along the angled lines you've drawn.
    • Roll the thin part of the strip back with color facing out and tape at the second pencil mark. This makes the head, and the thicker area is the neck.  
    • Roll the other border strip you set aside into a loop and tape it onto the strip of the neck so the widest part of the strips line up to make the body.

    Turkey Face & Feet

    • Create the face on the small loop using a leaf accent for the beak. Cut a teardrop shape from the leaf accent that’s about 2 inches long. Bend it in half, lengthwise. Cut a slit along the crease in the fullest part of the teardrop shape (about ½-inch long).
    • Bend the area you just cut and use these flaps to tape the beak to your turkey’s face.
    • Loop tape to attach the googly eyes onto your turkey’s face just above the beak. Cut a piece of yarn about 5 inches long and attach it near the top of the beak with tape. This is your turkey’s wattle.
    • Use a leaf accent to make feet for your turkey. Trim off the stem and the top point of the leaf. Cut the leaf in half, overlap the two pieces and tape together to create two pointy feet. Tape the feet onto the bottom of your turkey’s body.
    • Make a loop of tape and stick near the bottom, center of the front of the tail fan. Stick the tail fan to the turkey's body. Readjust as needed to make sure your turkey is sturdy.
    • Bring a coordinated fall flourish to your table decorations by scattering I ♥ Metal™ Apples and extra leaf accents to each place setting. 

    Have fun with your big turkey decoration! Use the metallic colors to inspire more of your DIY fall and Thanksgiving decorations for napkin rings, name tags, centerpieces, and more.

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