Petal Praise Mother's Day Craft DIY



Creativity and compliments are in full bloom! Surprise mom with a handmade, paper plant full of praise. This kid-friendly DIY flower craft creates a lovely Mother’s Day gift for mothers and grandmothers. 


Recognize and applaud your mom with this creative card that's also a delightful decoration.

  • Write a special message on the front of a bucket accent to let Mom know what she means to you. Be mindful of where the bucket “opens” so you don’t write on the die-cut area.
  • Cut 3 strips out of the green trimmer for the stem and leaves. Fold the leaves and staple the ends together to make nice fluffy greenery.
  • Open the bucket on the die-cut line below the handle. Tuck the leaves and the stem into the opening of the bucket and glue or tape in place on back.
  • Cut 3 longer strips of trimmers for the petals of the flower. Staple the ends of each together to make three loops. Arrange the loops in a circle by overlapping the centers. Staple or tape them together in the center.
  • Write, “My mom is…” on a small circle accent and tape or glue it to the center of your flower.
  • Think of all the ways your mom is wonderful. Use that admiration as inspiration to decorate your flower petals. Use colorful letter stickers to write descriptive words.
  • Decorate your whole craft with a variety of stickers that are just as fun, silly, and sweet as Mom!

This better-than-store-bought gift will forever bloom as a treasured keepsake. It's also priceless practice for young kids to learn how to fill everyone's buckets with praise.

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