Color Harmony™ Fun Frames DIY



Showcase memories and update desk decorations with homemade DIY picture frames. This all-ages craft makes fun, personalized gifts for parents, friends, and teachers. Colorful designs coordinate perfectly with your Color Harmony™ decorating theme and add a burst of color anywhere!


There are lots of ways to put together these stylish picture frames. Cover an old frame, purchase a craft frame, or find a piece of cardboard to repurpose for your frame base.

  • Choose your frame first. If you're cutting your own frame out of cardboard, make sure to measure your photo first so it's a good fit. You'll tape the picture to the center of the cardboard and use the colorful trim to cover the edges. Cut a long triangle and glue onto the back to hold up your frame.
  • Decide what color combination of trimmers you'll use. Cut the pieces and plan how they will overlap on the frame edges. Get creative! There's a lot of different ways to combine the borders to make a variety of unique looks.
  • Glue or tape the trimmers together where they overlap and glue them to the frame base. 
  • Create a mixture of designs so you can display a variety of photos in fun, matching frames. 

This is a great craft for kids and adults to make Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, frame a class photo, and decorate a workspace with eye-catching style.

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