Paper Flower Picture DIY



Put your love of crafts and your love of Mom together in one fun, flowery scene. This simple card craft makes a frame-worthy flower to celebrate Mother’s Day. Use a variety of trimmer colors and add your own personal touches to let kids’ creativity shine!

    • Choose any shade or shades of green you’d like to use and any color for the flower petals too. We used orange and blue but there are lots of fun Terrific Trimmers® colors available.
    • This craft is especially great because kids can work fairly independently. They'll be proud to surprise you with their own unique creation!
    Stem, Leaves & Grass
      • Cut a stem (about 5 or 6 inches long) and two leaves. Glue the stem on the paper first. Set the leaves aside – it may be easier to decide where they will go later on.
      • Cut a strip of green trimmer to match your paper length (either 8½ inches or 11 inches), depending on the orientation of your picture (portrait or landscape).
      • Make the green strip look like grass by cutting it into small strips, or fringe. Start each cut on the scalloped side, and be careful not to cut all the way through.
        • If kids accidentally cut all the way through, simply tape the strip back together on back.
      • Glue the grass strip to the bottom edge of your paper. Now glue the leaves onto the stem just above the grass.
      Petals and Flower Center
      • Cut 5 petals from a trimmer strip in the color of your choice. Start from the scalloped edge and cut petal shapes out of the strip. (Leaving the scalloped edge intact will give your petals a nice, shapely outside edge.)
      • Lay the petals in a circle and glue to the paper so they slightly overlap the stem.
      • Cut a circle or other shape from yellow paper to use as the center of the flower. (yellow star accents work too, just fold the points inward). Cut your shape just large enough to hide the area where the flower petals meet in the middle of your flower. 
      • Choose a pom-pom in your favorite color and glue it to the center of the star accent.

      Write a Happy Mother's Day message and sign your picture. Give it to Mom or Grandma for a happy surprise!

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