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It’s B-I-N-G-O … everybody knows this game-o! Since its start in 1969, TREND Bingo has been a favorite educational game for kids and adults. Our classic, young-learner Bingo games have remained front-runners in FUN for kids, and teachers and parents love the learning twist.

Sight Words Bingo for ages 5 and up is a great game to play at home for game night, in a classroom or homeschool setting, and to reinforce distance learning. Players can’t wait to cover the next square and everyone loves the anticipation and excitement of each item called. Until the moment someone says, “BINGO!” … it’s anyone’s game to win!


Popular, unique Bingo games for kids blend education with excitement for engaging, entertaining learning sessions that everyone loves. Game play easily adapts to different ages and abilities so everyone can enjoy many rounds together, building skills, boosting confidence, and celebrating every win.

  • BUILD ESSENTIAL SKILLS – TREND Bingo delivers learning and FUN. Sight Words is a great classroom or family Bingo game for ages 5 to adult. The interactive play gets kids excited to find and match each written sight word to the word called. Play many rounds to practice reading 48 sight words, increase vocabulary, and build reading and spelling skills. This isn’t just for children, it’s also a great activity for language learners of any age to hear sight word pronunciations and read words in English.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS, LISTENING, AND CONCENTRATION … FOR THE WIN – It’s hard to win just by luck, players need to rely on listening and concentration skills too. Bingo is one of the most fun ways to practice listening, and every player builds valuable concentration skills as they carefully mark their cards. Win or lose, children get real-life experience showing sportsmanship, perseverance, and patience.

  • FLEXIBILITY TO PLAY YOUR WAY – There’s no wrong way to play Bingo! Start with an easier version and work your way to covering the whole card. Exchange cards, switch to a new caller, and play again and again. Every game is full of luck-of-the-lotto so it’s still challenging for older siblings and adults to win, yet eases youngsters into game play and learning to read common sight words.

  • LARGE OR SMALL-GROUP PLAY – Bingo doesn’t need a large event or crowd to be fun! Each game includes enough supplies for up to 36 players, but each easily adapts to play with as few as two players. Small groups can decide to have a caller who is also a player or take turns drawing a calling card and reading it or showing it to all players.

  • EACH BINGO GAME CONTAINS – 36 Bingo cards (6½ inches x 9 inches each), 264 red paper Bingo chips, 48 calling cards, a calling mat, and play instructions. All pieces come in a sturdy storage box.

  • ALL AGES CAN PLAY TOGETHER – The answers to young-learner Bingo might seem easy to older kids and adults, but luck-of-the-draw still makes winning a challenge and keeps play exciting for everyone. Older siblings love to help younger kids read the words on their cards and search for a match – the teamwork is priceless!

  • Shop all of our fun topics to find the perfect Bingo games to buy to bring laughter and learning to family gamily nights, reunions, and birthdays too. Interactive and familiar Bingo game play is also especially helpful in promoting socializing and participation in memory care, special education, and language learning settings.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Bingo games are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.


 Aligns with Learning Standards English Language Learner
    • Ages 5 & up
    • 48 common sight words
    • Play 6 ways
    • Sturdy cards & storage box
    • 36 different playing cards, 6½ inches x 9 inches
    • Caller's cards & mat
    • Bingo chips
    • Answer guide
    • 2 to 36 players
    • Made in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Barbara E.
    I love TREND

    I have played this game with two grandsons this week (kindergarten and 2nd graders) and it's fun & a great reinforcement learning activity! We give prizes to 'sweeten the win' and the boys enjoyed showing off their achievements. As a retired teacher and with a daughter who's an elementary teacher, I have purchased TREND products since 1998. I love TREND and just want to say thank you!

    Much thanks, Barbara, for your 5-star of the Sight Words Level 1 Bingo Game from TREND. We're thrilled to hear about how you're playing it to reinforce learning in a fun way with your grandsons. Thanks for all YOU do to Make Learning FUN!

    Alyson A
    Excellent for young children

    This game is well made and a fun way to work on sight words.

    Thanks, Alyson, for taking the time to share your thoughts on the TREND Sight Words Bingo game. We're glad you've found it to be a fun way to practice sight words. If you'd like, there's a Level 2 when you're ready! Thanks for all you do to Make Learning FUN!

    Melissa B.
    Son loves this bingo game.

    My son just finished the first grade and he loves this bingo game. His teacher told me that she could tell that she could see a difference in his reading because we play this at home. This game is amazing, we really do enjoy this!

    Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your review about TREND Sight Words Level 1 Bingo. We're tickled to hear that your son loves this game AND that his teacher is seeing the difference in his reading. Have a great summer, and check out Sight Words Level 2 when you're ready for some more Sight Words Bingo Fun!

    Brittany L.
    Lots of FUN!

    My daughter is in Kindergarten and she loves to play this game. It's the perfect way to practive sight words for her it's lots of FUN! Thank you.

    Thanks, Brittany, for your review of TREND Sight Words Level 1 Bingo! We're glad to hear your daughter loves playing this game, and that she's having fun practicing. Thanks for keeping the Learning FUN going. Check back for more ideas!

    Kimberly S.
    Bought game for my students

    I am a teacher at a primary school and I bought the game for my students and they loved it. Thanks.

    Kimberly, Thanks for the 5 Star review, we appreciate it! It is FUN to hear that your students enjoy playing Sight Words Bingo. Thanks for sharing.