best educational games for distance learning

Fun Educational Games for Distance Learning

Bingo learning game

The reviews are in! Our educational card games have always been teachers’ picks for learning + play and now they are quickly becoming family favorites for making at-home learning FUN. If you find yourself having one of those days with math or reading practice, switch up your at-home learning routine with these FUN educational card games and Bingo to help re-engage kids and reignite their interest quickly!

Break from dedicated study time with FUNdamental learning games that stick to the subject, yet feel like play! Follow along below to find your kids’ next favorite way to learn basic math and language arts. These games are great for group work in classrooms, to play with family and friends at home, and they are a way to bring positive reinforcement to end a solid study session or tutor time.


Sound Hounds®

Sound-it-out for so much FUN! Sound Hounds® word building card game has kids putting together word parts to spell words in no time. Give your reluctant reader a break from ordinary practice with a few rounds of Sound Hounds®. These silly hounds will have your child sounding out words with smiles!

The cards have word beginnings on the head side and word endings on the tail side. Kids put together an ending and a beginning and then sound out what the hound is spelling. Did it make a word? Score! If not try again next time.

Introduce initial letter sounds and blends and match them to 31 word endings. With more than 400 possible words to spell, play stays interesting and unique each game. It’s simple and quick to get started so you’ll have plenty of time for multiple rounds to help kids hone their reading and spelling skills.


You never know what’s coming next with ZAP!® card game. Suspenseful ZAP! cards make this game an exciting and fun way to practice addition skills with thrills.

On your turn, you may draw as many cards one-by-one as you choose. Work your mental math skills by adding the total as you go or use a pen and pad of paper to write the numbers down to add them up. Each player chooses when to freeze and take the score … or they can keep going and try for more points. Draw a ZAP! or a dreaded double-ZAP! and practice your subtraction skills as you take away points and change your score.

Since you never know when a ZAP! card is coming, it’s a fun game for a variety of ages to play together and everyone has a chance to win. Play it safe or risk it all? It’s your call! This is a play-it-again favorite so get ready for lots of number practice and FUN.


ZOOM! card game is a great way to spice up addition and multiplication practice and master mental math. It’s an educational card game that gets everyone involved and practicing without it feeling like homework. Play is entertaining enough for a whole family or students of a variety of ages to play together.

Draw until you get a ZOOM card or a surprising BOOM card. Add the total of your cards, and then multiply by the ZOOM to watch your score take off! Unless you draw a BOOM card, that is!

Work together to add each player’s score on a piece of paper or invite everyone to keep their own scores for extra math practice. This game is great for fine-tuning math, but it also builds social skills and gives the whole family an activity that’s wholesome, screen-free, and FUN.

ZOOM!™ Learning Game


Get the whole family excited to learn with educational Bingo games that feel like pure entertainment! Reinforce kids’ current curriculum, refresh skills before returning to school, and introduce new subjects with playful learning FUN. Bingo is worthwhile for partner play, game nights, and birthday parties, and with 36 unique cards, a large group can all play at the same time. Bonus: Bingo is a fantastic way for everyone to play together while staying physically distant!

There are many themes and topics to choose from, like Sight Words, Colors & Shapes, Alphabet, Multiplication, Numbers, and more! Find topics to interest and challenge children to keep learning fresh and family time exciting. Bingo gives lots of opportunities for kids to answer questions and read words and numbers without it feeling like a test. It’s a great game for older siblings to play with (and help) younger siblings too!

Read or hold up the calling card and then everyone searches for the match or answer on their Bingo cards. The concept is simple yet entertaining every time! Invite kids to be the leader too. They’ll love to take charge of the game, plus reading or naming all of the calling cards is great extra practice.

What are you waiting for? Make today a BINGO day! Gather as a family, class, or study group and play for small prizes like stickers or let the winner be the next Bingo caller.

What are your favorites for the classroom and home? We’re big fans of games that give kids valuable practice while making great memories, spending time together, and having fun! Shop your favorite learning games today. Find something you like? Leave a review to let others know what games and tools are helpful for keeping learning FUN in your classroom and home.

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