Writing Pals Blank Paper Free Printable

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This is a digital download worksheet. Use this link to download the Writing Pals Blank Paper Free Printable.


This open-ended printable sheet is great for many writing activities. Use it as-is or cut the pencil and paper out separately. Ideas below!

  • Cut apart the pencil and paper. Write one student’s name on each pencil. Draw names for pen pal partners and use the smiling paper to send a happy notes to new pals.
  • Write a punctuation mark on each pencil. Hand a sheet to each student to write samples of correctly punctuated sentences featuring the punctuation mark.
  • Provide a printout for students to write short stories, “I’ve learned…”, or other topics. Write student names on the pencil, cut out paper and pencil, and display.
  • Include writing reminders and tips (check spelling, use punctuation, correct capitalization, and so on) on the smiling paper pal. Label each reminder with a pencil. Color the pieces, cut them out, and add to a "Writing Reminders" bulletin board display.


Permission for reproduction of this printable is limited to individuals for educational, non-commercial use. ©TREND enterprises, Inc.

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