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Two-sided math Bingo brings twice the challenges and 2x the fun! Players think fast and show what they know. Since its start in 1969, TREND Bingo has been a favorite educational game for classrooms, homes, adult learning, and more. Exclusive, hard-to-find topics are popular with kids, and parents and teachers love the learning opportunities.

“BINGO!” is a spot-on mix of entertainment and education for middle-schoolers and adults. The traditional 5x5 Bingo card grid plays 8 ways for challenging FUN for everyone.


Multiplication & Division Bingo for ages 9 and up is a great game to play at home for game night, during homeschooling or distance education, and to reinforce classroom instruction. The excitement of Bingo promotes participation from even the most reluctant learners and everyone wins valuable skills with each round played.

  • BUILD ESSENTIAL SKILLS – Choose which math focus you’ll play to master multiplication or division facts through twelve with this Bingo game. The interactive play puts new skills into action and is valuable practice for students of any age.

  • Each player marks the answer on their card when it answers the math problem called. Play many rounds to practice mental math and understand the relationship between multiplication and division.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS, LISTENING, AND CONCENTRATION … FOR THE WIN – It’s hard to win just by luck, players need to rely on listening and concentration skills too. Bingo is one of the most fun ways to practice listening, and every player builds valuable concentration skills as they carefully solve answers and mark their cards. Win or lose, everyone gets real-life experience showing sportsmanship, perseverance, and patience.

  • FLEXIBILITY TO PLAY YOUR WAY – There’s no wrong way to play Bingo! Choose which topic to master first: multiplication or division! Start with an easier version and work your way to covering the whole card. Exchange cards, flip to play the opposite side, switch to a new caller, and play again and again. Every game is full of luck-of-the-lotto so it’s challenging for players of all ages and no one wins too easily. Calling cards include a variety of equations to call, plus go for extra-challenge using the three-number equations on the multiplication cards.

  • LARGE OR SMALL-GROUP PLAY – Bingo is a great activity for a large class, small groups, or family time. Each game includes enough supplies for up to 36 players, but each easily adapts to play with as few as two players. Decide how to use the calling cards based on your group size: choose a dedicated leader, have a caller who is also a player, or take turns drawing calling cards as you play.

  • EACH BINGO GAME CONTAINS – 36 two-sided Bingo cards (6½ inches x 9 inches each), 720 red paper Bingo chips, 60 two-sided calling cards (60 multiplication, 39 division), a two-sided calling mat, and play instructions for each version. All pieces come in a sturdy storage box.

  • ALL AGES CAN PLAY TOGETHER – Two interesting and challenging math operations keep play fresh for players ages 9 to adult. Playing Bingo is also a great way to interest tweens in family FUN time or coax a reluctant learner into skills practice – every study session feels like play!

  • Shop all of our Bingo games to have worthwhile entertainment on hand for family gamily nights, reunions, and birthdays too. Interactive and familiar game play is also especially helpful in promoting socializing and participation in memory care, special education, and language learning settings.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Bingo games are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.


 Aligns with Learning Standards English Language Learner
    • Ages 9 & up
    • Fact families through 12
    • 5x5 format, play 8 ways
    • Sturdy cards & storage box
    • 36 different two-sided playing cards, 6½ inches x 9 inches
    • Caller's cards & mat
    • Bingo chips
    • Answer guide
    • 2 to 36 players
    • Made in USA

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