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Fun-to-Know® Puzzles

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It’s a match! Build an understanding of sequencing and ordinal numbers with three-piece learning puzzles. Preschool and kindergarten-aged children love to connect the pieces and show what comes next!



Large, sturdy puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands, and the interesting pictures keep kids engaged and excited to discover every sequence. Self-checking features give every learner the confidence to practice independently and build skills at their own pace.

  • LEARNING PUZZLES KIDS LOVE – Two-sided ... twice the Learning FUN! These are great puzzles for kids learning the basics. Build reasoning and prediction skills, and boost an understanding of ordinal numbers and sequencing. Self-checking pieces help children practice at their own pace, building confidence and achieving success. Bring hands-on practice to learners in early childhood classrooms, care facilities, homeschools, and to supplement distance education at home.

  • BUILD ESSENTIAL SKILLS WITH PLAY – Engaging pictures show everyday events that kids can relate to and make learning FUN! Kids love to arrange each picture story into a sequence, describe the events, and even tell their own story about what comes next. When it’s fun to learn, children are inspired to keep playing and practicing – keys to successfully building skills and boosting confidence.

  • DOUBLE-SIDED FUN! – Connect three pictures in the correct sequence to show an event, then flip the puzzle over to see the sequence another way! On back, the sequence from the front includes ordinal numbers and number words by each picture.

  • EXTENDED LEARNING – Number words on the puzzle pieces are great for sparking an interest in reading and math. Images reinforce concepts with real-world connections. Piecing together puzzles builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and can introduce shape recognition too.

  • SELF-CHECKING FEATURES FOR INDEPENDENT PLAY – The self-correcting features of these early-learner jigsaw puzzles support independent practice and encourage kids to build skills at their own pace. Only the right pieces fit together! When pieces don’t connect, kids know to search the pile and try again – it’s a great first step to problem-solving. Use the colorful border on the backs to quickly check that all pieces are facing the same way so you can successfully practice one side and then move on to the other side

  • EACH SET CONTAINS – 15 three-piece, two-sided puzzles. Each completed three-piece puzzle is about 7 inches wide x 3 3/8 inches tall. All pieces easily fit into a sturdy, 7½-inch box for quick clean-up and storage.

  • GREAT FOR MANY AGES AND ABILITIES – While matching puzzles are a great learning activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners, the real-life events in each picture story also resonate with learners of many ages and abilities in memory care, special education, speech therapy, bilingual classrooms, and more.

  • MADE IN USA – All Fun-to-Know® Puzzles are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.


Aligns with Learning Standards
English Language Learner

    • Ages 4 & up
    • Durable pieces & sturdy storage box
    • Learn sequencing in pictures & words
    • 15 two-sided puzzles
    • 45 pieces
    • Made in USA

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