Early FUNdamental Skills Learning Set

Learning Set

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Reinforce early math, language arts, and more with versatile learning posters. This set of 8 educational posters is the perfect way to get kids excited to learn new things, plus the bright colors and photos are welcome decorations for early elementary classrooms, childcare centers, kids' bedrooms or playrooms, and more.

Introduce and practice new concepts with 8 photo-real posters. This set features Alphabet, Numbers 1-10, Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Five Senses, Weather, and Seasons. There are so many ways to make creative displays and complement hands-on activities to build foundational skills and help kids shine.  See the Learning FUN Ideas in the tab below for more inspiration!

  • LEARN FUNDAMENTALS IN ANY SIZE SPACE – Each poster is an independent topic so you can display them individually for smaller spaces or all at once for a whole bulletin board all about the basics. Each makes a great anchor for student artwork displays too.

  • MANY BRAINY BENEFITS – Reinforce early learning with poster decorations full of FUN. Photos help kids relate each topic to real-life and are great for bilingual learners and anyone learning English. Vocabulary words encourage early reading too. This set covers a wide range of skills that are essential to young learners from language arts, to science, to math.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING FUN – Posters are sturdy and sized right for handheld activities for class-wide or small-group use. Use these posters and the five ideas in the tab below to get started having fun while learning.

  • EASY STORAGE – Use posters individually or as a set. It's easy to store extras back in the bag. It reseals to keep your set organized and ready anytime. The posters are just over 16 inches, so they won't need specialized storage.

  • SET INCLUDES – 8 posters, 10¾ inches x 16 inches each.

  • MADE IN USA – All TREND Learning Sets are quality-tested to meet product safety standards and are all proudly made in the USA.

    • Durable, reusable paper
    • Photos for real-life learning
    • Package reseals for easy storage
    • 8 posters, 10¾ inches x 16⅛ inches each
    • Made in USA
Learning FUN Ideas

Enjoy these five activity ideas for lots of FUN learning:

    1. Kids draw four different seasonal scenes as if they are looking out a window of their home. What does their neighborhood look like in the fall, winter, summer, and spring? How is it the same or different than the Seasons Poster in the set? Why?

    2. Set up different stations for kids to test their senses (hear, touch, taste, and smell). Without looking, each writes down what they think was at each station. Ideas might include Scratch 'n Sniff Stinky Stickers to smell, a small bag of paper clips to feel, an apple slice to taste, and rocks in a box to shake and hear. Can anyone name each correctly?

    3. As you learn the alphabet, invite kids to think of other items with the beginning letters that are not shown on the poster. Work together to see how many items for each letter you can name!

    4. Choose a shape from the poster and look for that shape throughout the day. Anytime you see it, say "I spy a circle," for example. Change to a new one each day using the items pictured on the poster as a place to start!

    5. Compare the weather for the day to the weather scenes on the poster. Name the weather using the weather vocabulary words on the poster to describe it. Track your weather on a calendar and then describe it overall (weekly/monthly) using your new weather words!

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